Monday, June 25, 2012

The Birthday Party

Yesterday was Bigun's 7th birthday.  I remember my 7th birthday quite well, so we really wanted to make this one special for her.  I think we pulled off a pretty decent time.  We ended up with a package for four girls to get a spa party with a princess theme. So Bigun got to invite two of her friends over to spend the night and the party was underway.
The decorations came out great!
We started with pizza and all of the giddy schoolgirl laughter you would expect putting all of those elementary school girls together.  There was also cake and ice cream.
It's tough to blow out all seven candles!
Evil Genius is still evil

moose ears have replaced bunny ears.
Of course there were presents too.  She loved the new nightgown she got to wear for the sleepover.  It had all of the Disney princesses on it. So it was all the way cool.  Then the spa girls showed up.

They setup the kitchen table decorated with the Princess theme and brought robes for the girls to wear.  So as they were lounging in princess glory they got manicures with some designs on their nails.  So cute!

Then they moved to the living room for pedicures.  Soaking their feet and reading magazines was just unbelievably cute.
It was a regular girl gab-fest
The finished products were just adorable:
Multicolored decorated fingernails

and toenails with Tiger stripes
Glitz & Gloss was the company that sent the college kids over to take care of the girls.  They did a great job, the people they sent really knew how to talk to the little kids, and everyone ended up having a good time.

After the spa party was done, there was some requisite play time with pets and toys.  Then we setup couchbed and got them settled in to a movie.
When we put the two halves of that couch together it's almost the size of a double bed.  Sleeps 4 small girls comfortably.

Got the movie going, gave them popcorn, water bottles, and glow stick bracelets and the sleepover ensues.
Sunday was her actual birthday.  Kelley's sister came up friday night and left sunday morning, and Kelley's mom got here sunday afternoon.  Bigun was so worn out from the fun sleepover that she actually took a 4 hour nap sunday afternoon.    Everybody ended up having a great time, and it's so nice to see our little girl growing up, even if it does seem to happen so fast.


Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

The spa party is an AWESOME idea! I bet she will remember that birthday for a long time!! The first birthday I really remember well is my 9th!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Oh my gosh, that is a great idea for a birthday party! What a fun event. I want a party like that!! ;) I am sure she'll always remember this birthday party!

Jess said...

Awww, looks like so much fun!

Fair Weather Runner said...

happy birthday to the 'biggun' :) looks like a good time.

Hugh Jass said...

I'm making a mental note of this spa theme. So cool!

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

I love the pedicures! Too cute! Did you get yours done too?