Friday, July 15, 2011

Random Friday Pictures

This heat wave finally broke in Raleigh. It's so nice to feel it go from 100+ degrees back down into the high 80's. Wait a minute, high 80's still sucks too. At least it feels better in the mornings.

This has been a good week of training. Lots of running, plenty of cycling, and a good hard swim workout. Yesterday I did a double brick indoors. Lunch was a 21 mile stationary bike ride followed by a 3 mile run, then after the kids went back to bed I did it again. 22 mile bike (pedaled faster) and 3 mile run (but slower than the first run. Good workout day.

And now some random pics from a birthday party last weekend for the Evil Genius's BFF.

EG and her bestie

EG actually took this picture with our camera

Bigun took this one

I think they figured out what I did......

Bigun started school this week. This pic is her on the first day of first grade. She's in a year round school program, so the school year starts now. She goes 9 weeks, then tracks out for 3 weeks, and repeats that 4 times.

Really? a funny hat and a nose ring? too cute.

I wonder if they figured out what I destroyed yet?


teacherwoman said...

Those are some great photos! What do you guys think of the year-round school? As a teacher myself, I think I wouldn't mind teaching 9 weeks off 3 weeks, and repeat. But, I have heard that some teachers don't like it because it's like starting all over after the 3 week break. I can't imagine it would be like coming back from a 3 month summer break, tho.

Jess said...

Year round school? What are you torturing your kiddos! jk jk, I know they say year round school is the way to go, I just can't imagine life without summer.

As always, love the pictures!