Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Birthday Pics and new bike route

June's totals:

Swim: 9000 meters, 5 swims. Could have been better, had 2 swim races.
Bike: 284.9 miles, 13 rides. Boo freaking ya.
Run: 104.8 miles, 17 runs including run-offs from the bike rides. Ironman training rules! and it's killing me all at the same time.
Strength: 5 workouts! Finally some decent strength training in there.
Yoga: Twice! Score!

Some pics from Bigun's birthday party last weekend:

Ready to blow out the candles

Don't give an Evil Genius a bowling ball
this will not end well.

Bowling with friends
Hugging on daddy she's so happy about the bowling. awwwwww

You can totally see that competitive side in her face...... Wonder where she gets that from?

I found a bike route online that I really liked that is really close to the house. So I adapted it to leave from my house. It is awesome. It's a lollipop route, where you get out into some country roads and there's loops that I can add on to the main trunk of the route. So I can take it anywhere from 18 miles before work to an 80 mile + long ride. aaaaahhhh just writing about it makes me want to go for a ride right now!

The loops are 3, 8, and 20+ miles at the top of the lollipop. There's also a shopping center where the traffic-y part of the ride ends, so I could always use that as a starting or meetup point with other riders. One basic set of roads, all well paved and bike-able, infinite configurations.

Saturday I tried to ride each loop once which would have made the ride 68 miles. around 1 pm I was 56 miles in and called Kelley to come pick me up. I went through 2 bike bottles of sports drink, 70 oz of water in the camelbak, 3 e-gels and 2 s-caps and I was out of fluid and dry. Seemed like the smart call to make, it was 93 degrees outside and 90+% humidity. You could practically drink the air it was so thick. I made it back to the shopping center and called it a ride.

Tonight is the second aquathon race. Currently we are in the middle of a thunderstorm, but it should pass soon. Tomorrow is my 36th birthday. I'll be sure and post up some pics from the race and any birthday events as soon as I can. ttfn!


Colleen said...

Bigun is too cute! ;)

You made the right call stopping that ride!

Good luck tonight and...


Alecia said...

I'm in your territory tonight. Probably going take a run around downtown in the morning.

Complete Kitchens Colorado said...

love it when just talking or writing about a ride is exciting.
Tomorrow's my birthday too - but I'm an age group ahead of you, whooo hooo!

Jess said...

Happy birthday!!!

Sounds like the bike route you found is pretty awesome and will work well for your training!

Anonymous said...

SOOO adorable! Kids grow up too fast. Sniff, sniff.

(Late) Happy birthday, John! Hope your aquathon went well! Where's the recap?

Amanda said...

Awww love the hugging Daddy pic. So sweet.