Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fun weekend in SC

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We had a special treat this weekend. We got to go down to SC and visit with my parents for a few days. There is a tea party that one of mom's friends puts on every year that is only for grandmothers and their granddaughters to get all dressed up and be cute, so it is quite an event!

Really? Big hats and gloves? and my Evil Genius actual wore them the whole time?

My mom was quite proud of her granddaughters. They were well behaved and had a really good time!
Which child looks incredibly bored in this picture? Yep.

While they were out being tea party girly girls, I had a nice bit of girl time myself. I got to squeeze in a run around my parents neighborhood. Ended up being a 10k run in only 48:26. There were TONS of hills. I try to forget how hilly SC can be, but there was no escaping it saturday morning. So I was really happy with that time.

After a quick shower, Kelley and I headed downtown for some lunch and shopping until the girls should have been back home. Ok, we stayed out until well after they should have been back home. Found a new cupcake shoppe, did some birthday shopping for my niece, the usual main street ruckus.

When we got back to the house, the girls were already un-dressed and ready to get in the pool.

Bigun enjoyed holding onto my leg while I backstroked so I could watch her. Big ego boost: She thought that my backstroke was too fast! "not so fast daddy!" is a wonderful thing to hear.

I also got to debut a new swimsuit. Pretty isn't it? Dolphin Uglies got a serious laugh out of my mom. That was the point. I also think these are appropriate for Myrtle Beach wear, but me thinks they will be left at home for swim practice. Still, I think I make them look pretty good.

EG blowing bubbles. They both had Level 1 swimming lessons last month, and this time it really paid off. Both of them just got in and started swimming around. Blowing bubbles, getting their whole heads in the water, not being scared of the water, these are all huge steps in a young swimmer's progress towards Michael Phelps-dom.

Mom watching Bigun go everywhere! They usually get scared of the deep end. This time they were all over it, and knew what to do if they got in trouble.

EG liked riding on my back like I was a horse.

That evening we had some other local family over for dinner to celebrate my birthday earlier this month.

Overall it was a fantastic trip. We're headed that way again in September. Other fun news ahead!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Aw, your girls look so cute in their tea party dresses. What a cool thing for them to do with their grandma!

Nice speedo - you pull that look off well!!

Anonymous said...

You are such a pretty, pretty princess!

Awesome workouts! I want a girl so I can have a tea party w/ them. Looks so fun.

Wes said...

LOL.... your girls are such cuties.

Colleen said...

That bathing suit is freaking classic! :)

Your girls are too cute!

Emily said...

just stopped by your blog from caitlin's (htp)! read this post and couldn't help but wonder--were you in greenville? and was the new cupcake shop the chocolate moose? i work there and it'd be a fun coincidence if so. happy to come across a new blog to read.