Saturday, January 8, 2011

MMNW Catchup

I have been slack about posting my Monday Morning Naked Weights over the holidays:

12/13/10 - 189.8 lbs, 22.7% body fat
12/20/10 - 188.8 lbs, 22.5% body fat - last one published
12/28/10 - 188.0, 22.0%
1/3/10 - 187.2, 21.8%
1/10/10 - 187.0, 21.8%

The holidays were not kind to the scales. I was plateau'd and spent 3 weeks floating between 187 and 189. I'm supposed to be averaging 2 lbs a week, not 2.6 lbs over 3 weeks. Even that was just dumb luck. Some days each week until Jan 3 I showed a number over 189. Following the average I think I should be closer to 181 by now.

Plateau's suck. I know it's January now, reaching mid-Jan soon. The end of February is when Ironman training starts. I knew going into this weight loss plan that it was going to be tough to lose this much before March. I still think it will take into march before reaching my goal weight. At this point I think about 174 is going to be the lightest I can hope for when I start Ironman Training. I'm ok with that. I have to be ok with that.

At work they are putting together a Fantasy Fat Bowl that looks really cool. They are doing it in teams, and I have volunteered to coach one of the teams. They are doing it Biggest Loser style, with weigh ins every monday morning, and measuring the total % of weight lost compared with a starting weight. Should be fun!

I forgot to mention something in my 2010 Year in Review post! All of the other fun blogger meetups I had in 2010. Meeting cool people in real life that you talk to online is so cool:

  • Wes and I met up for lunch during a trip to Atlanta right before he ran IMAZ
  • The Snail and I met up at the Duel in the Dunes back in Feb, where he spanked my half marathon time. Then later in November we ran Kennesaw mountain together in Atlanta
  • Heather with a Side of Sneakers and I did the Tobacco Road Marathon
  • Sarah the Sun Runner and I met up in Charlotte before she ran the Thunder Road Marathon
  • Meredith started blogging. She's an old and very close friend from college who married one of my fraternity brothers and lives in Charlotte.
  • Now that Calyx and I live close together we get together sometimes (but not often enough) for mostly social situations
  • I thought I was going to see Sarah during a trip to atlanta, but she ended up with the flu and we only got to talk on the phone. booo, but my next trip to atlanta it's on.

Gah I hope I didn't forget to link anyone. In 2011, I know I'll be meeting these guys:

  • Ryan is going to help me get through Ironman training with some power work.

  • Frayed Laces is also running Ironman Florida

  • Healthy Ashley just moved to Asheville and got engaged, I'm sure we'll meet up, maybe even at a race!

  • Joe RockstarTri is also racing Ironman Florida. I'm going to enjoy making him look slow.

  • Tammie is doing the Umstead 100 again, maybe this year I'll actually be able to pace her for a lap!

  • Carol. I'm bound to run into her sooner or later. Hopefully sooner.

I've also made a gym change. Got out of Gold's and joined the Planet Fitness ($10 a month? really?) that's right across the street from our house. Kelley's been going there for a while now, and it is very convenient. There is no pool. To make up for that, I'm joining the Raleigh Area Masters swim team. I'm *hoping* that a master's swim team is going to be the right way to go to make it through Ironman swim training. It's cost effective and they meet at the right times.

Allright, it's kind of a wild week around here. There was a ton of snow falling everywhere around Raleigh, but we only ended up with ice inside of the city. Have fun!


GeorgiaSnail said...

Eye on the prize CJ...the 170's are out there!

Colleen said...

I know that plateau's suck, but the holidays are a horrible time to be losing weight and you didn't gain! :) (I'm such the optimist aren't I?)

Love that you met so many bloggers!

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

O, for God's sake, if you didn't gain weight over the holidays, that's the equivalent of losing 5 lbs per week!

Sarah (D-MI) stopped by my blog the other day to demand I stop picking on you. She said she'd met you in person and you were nice and articulate and not red-necky.

In light of that I guess I just have to bite the bullet and say ...

Do you always get girls to fight your fights for you?

Anyroad™, good luck getting down to 174 in time for your event.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

The holidays are tough... I am sort of shocked that I didn't gain any weight... and actually loss some. I guess that's one benefit of breaking up around the holidays...

Sounds like you have lots of fun meet ups ahead of you! I have one in DC - I'm doing the Cherry Blossoms 10 mile run and will run it with another blogger. Should be fun!!

I am hoping that Amber comes to visit me this summer! :)

Al's CL Reviews said...

Great job on the weight loss, even though it wasn't what you wanted!
Keep on going. You'll get there.

Wes said...

I want to volunteer at IM FL this year. If that works out, I will get to see you there!

carrie said...

I have a good friend doing Ironman this year, too. It will be a lot of fun reading about your training and hearing about his. I think you're awesome, I'm too big of a chicken to even dream it.

RockStarTri said...

"Look Slow??????"

Game on.

Lisa said...

wow, you have met a lot of bloggers. i'm envious...