Monday, January 24, 2011

A Gain

Indeed, as predicted, the MMNW showed a sad tale today.

Last week: 180.2 lbs, 19.7% body fat
This week: 182.0 lbs, 20.2% body fat
Gain of 1.5 lbs and 0.5% of body fat (1.26 lbs of body fat added)

So for the first time since mid-October of last year when I started trying to lose weight, I have showed a gain. It's still considerably lower than the 187 lbs I put up the week before, so I'm still quite satisfied. That's what happens when you get sick, drop lbs, and then get well again.

Still, I am quite excited about finally getting out of the 180's. It will happen soon enough. I'm having to ramp up the workouts a bit to push me over the edge, and I'm taking a closer look at the intake as well. I'm at the point now where the pounds are getting hard to fall off.

My team at work won the Fantasy Fat Bowl today! I'm very pleased that we took the weight loss for the week. I showed a 0.2 lb gain, which was the lowest gain among the gainers. One of the other guys stepped up and showed a good loss. It was still a great win for the team.

Fun times around here! Time for a workout, have a great week!


GeorgiaSnail said...

Nice work...I see the KK challenge is right around the times!

teacherwoman said...

I lost almost 2 pounds this weekend with the flu... a little scared to get back on the scale later this week!

Keep up the nice work, dude!

Colleen said...

But you were sick last week... I wouldn't sweat the gain... it's minimal and probably right where your body should be at this point.

Al's CL Reviews said...

Good outlook!

Jess said...

I always lose crazy amounts of weight when I'm sick. I guess not eating does that to you. Bu then it all comes right back when I'm better.

At least you're still trending down overall! And I know you'll be below 180 soon!

Alisa said...

One gain since mid-october I'd say that is damn good.

Keep it up!