Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 Year in Review

2010 was a pretty amazing year. I started out setting some goals for what I wanted to accomplish for the year. Then I set a bunch of PR's in races, moved into the house and got my family back. Then I started getting fat and slow, then started getting thin and fast.

Let's review those goals:

1. Ironman Prep Year: Success! 2010 was supposed to be my year to raise my confidence for completing an Ironman in 2011. I did my first century ride, second marathon, and first 2 mile swim. I also did an Iron Week (completing all ironman distances in one week) just to be sure I was ready.

2. Have an Iron Week: Success! I used a week in February that contained my only 20 mile run before the full marathon. Iron week was amazing. I can't wait to do it again.

This was how I felt at the end of Iron Week

3. Put up a sub-22 minute 5k: Success?* It was in training, on december 30th, and I came so close at 22:16 that I'm going to call this one ok. 22 minutes is seriously fast. Don't really know what I was thinking with that one.

4. Break one hour in the 10k: Success* It was in training run, on the treadmill, fastest time was 50:00 flat. Set the treadmill at a 7.5 mph speed and just went for it. Also in december.

5. Break two hours in the half marathon: Success* It was in a training run, on the treadmill, fastest time was 1:56:00. Also in december. That was a really cool saturday.

6. Break 4 hours in the marathon: Fail. 4:34 was my fastest and only time. I am still quite happy with this time. I firmly believe that a sub-4 is in my realm of possiblities, but I didn't get to try the distance very often last year.

7. Sub-six hour half ironman: Fail. Just like the marathon, I only tried the distance once, and the swim and bike legs turned out to be considerably more difficult than I had originally anticipated. 6:55 (not even a PR) in my only attempt at the distance.

8. 14 workouts in one week: Success! The first part of the year I could work out as often as I wanted as there were no other weekly responsibilities (wife, kids, house.....) so I was able to knock them down.

9. Sell our house and our rental house in Greenville SC and move into a new house in Raleigh: Success* We still have the rental. But we did sell the house we lived in with the huge garden, and bought a new house in Raleigh. Moved in may 21st.

10. Keep making new friends: Success? Who sets that as a goal? Yes, I have gotten much closer with a lot of people this year, and met plenty of new people that are also pretty awesome.

11. Get on a plane: Fail. I didn't fly anywhere this year. Took a nice trip to Atlanta to visit friends, and went to Williamsburg, VA for a race. but no flights.

12. Take the 6 pack out of the fridge: Fail. I did run a race shirtless, but I was still over 200 lbs when it happened. The abs were still nestled safely in the fridge. Currently I am on a weight loss kick that should result in single digit body fat, so I have high hopes for 2011.

13. Be funny again: WTF kind of goal is that? I'm always funny.

14. Race and train with friends: Success! I met plenty of awesome people at races this year, and got to train with some of the same folks sometimes, and got into the cycling group at work for quite some time.

Here's some other awesome that I picked up in 2010:
Kelley and her cousin Kendall took first place in their age group at a 5k!

We did the Monster Dash in costume on halloween. It was Evil Genius's first race, and we all ran the mile and had a wonderful day.

Evil Genius got her first haircut!

Bigun came with me out to a triathlon! She had a blast.

I got my first tattoo! It still seems unusual to me to wait until I was 35 years old to get one. But it works!

We all got to go to Myrtle Beach for a fun 5k race, and hung out with some family and friends!

Kelley got to meet Bob Harper from The Biggest Loser! He is incredible.

Got my second tattoo!

Made several fun trips back to Greenville, and got to hang out with my parents in the pool a lot! The kids absolutely loved it.
December Milage:
Swim: 0
Bike: 71 miles, 4 rides
Run: 86.4 miles, 15 runs
Strength: 4 sessions
Yoga: 3 sessions
All in all, that's ok. 86 miles running is pretty sweet. I was secretly hoping to get in a 100 mile month, but that's still pretty good.
2010 Annual milage:
Swim: 41.3 miles
Bike: 1779.5 miles
Run: 524.65 miles
Strength: 55 sessions
Yoga: 47 sessions
That's pretty awesome. I feel really good seeing the whole year laid out like that. 41 miles of swimming? wow. Seeing all of those numbers aggregated makes me think about some milage goals for 2011.
Have a great 2011! My 2011 race list and goals are coming soon. hopefully tomorrow or monday.


Lisa said...

congrats on a great year! best wishes in the year to come!

Amy - the gazelle said...

wow! What a great year! And you are getting so fast!

2011 is going to be awesome for everyone! :)

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

You had a great year and did a great job on all your goals - ESPECIALLY the "being funny" one ;)

Havs said...

Congrats on a great year bud-you hammered out a bunch of sweet goals, both racing and personal ones! You did some serious swim distance too, holy cow! Here's to a successful and super fun 2011!!!

Amanda said... have gotten fast. Great year! Lots of changes. And more to come in 2011 :)

Al's CL Reviews said...

What a great year!

GeorgiaSnail said...

Congrats on a great year bro! I hope 2011 develops into a great year for you & your family.

Wes said...

Great year, CJ! Next time we meet up, I won't be so shy ;-)

Lily on the Road said...

Happy New Year all your photo's....may 2011 be just as action packed!!