Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The week that was and is

So the snow left me in Raleigh all weekend. It ended up being ok. I really missed getting to play with my kids in the snow. We only get snow once a year at most, so when it's gone we won't see it again until next winter. This part of NC even gets less snow than Greenville SC does. but that's ok.

I loaned my bike trainer to a friend whose wife was rehabbing her knee. She's feeling better now, so he brought the trainer back with this as a thank you:

A huge cheesecake. Chocolate, with a chocolate chip cookie dough crust. wow. She is a stay at home mom that operates a dessert catering company on the side. When you combine cheesecake and snow, I was glad to get Roberta up on the trainer finally:

Yes, that's Jenny still in the background. She hasn't made her way back to SC yet. I did an hour on Roberta/trainer last night. It felt good to get used to the new saddle, and the handlebar and aerobar positions without having to think about anything besides just keep freaking pedalling.

I took this yesterday too:

This is what I wore to work. Yes I'm being converted to an NC State wolfpack fan. Heck, I live 5 blocks from campus now. Just being here (and 10 miles from Duke and UNC) will turn you into a college basketball fan. I'm getting caught hook line and sinker. Plus (and I know you can barely see this) it's my new favorite pair of jeans. The Banana Republic size 34's I picked up the other day. The new size is great, and they still fit even after the cheesecake.

This should also show you just how much I miss my favorite photographer. This little camera sucks, and you go from pictures of my cute kids playing joyfully to a slightly thinner me staring into a dirty mirror. and cheesecake. did I mention it was fantastic cheesecake?

Kelley and the girls are coming up here tomorrow, and I can't wait!! Kelley's getting ready for the Krispy Kreme challenge. I am so ready for this house to sell it's really getting old. It's been 4 months of living apart now. I don't like it, not one bit. It's gotten old. But it looks like the market is coming back, so hopefully it won't be much longer. Not only am I ready to get Kelley and the kids up here with me, I'm just plain ready to get them out of South Carolina. May I present this:


One of these days I'll figure out how to embed online videos in here. Jon Stewart, thank you.

January Totals:

Swim: 11,280 yrds = 6.4 miles, 9 swims
Bike: 92 miles, 5 rides
Run: 79.8 miles, 8 runs, 1 half marathon
TriPower: 9 workouts, 135 minutes (15 minutes each)
Yoga: 8 workouts, 240 minutes (30 min each)

That's 39 workouts total in a month with 31 days. I think I'm going to be ok. I know it's not exactly the entire 14 workouts a week in my plan. But I'm strategically choosing to skip some when I just don't feel like it. And 80 miles of running might be a new high for me. 9 swims? 9 swims???!!?!? Can you tell how much I'm loving the pool? That is awesome.

I skipped the swim on monday so I could leave work early. We thought the roads were going to freeze over so the company closed up early enough for everyone to get home before dark. Today I got in the Tri Power before work, and hit a hard 5 mile tempo run after work. I skipped the bike to have lunch with some bad influences from the office. Bratwurst and multiple beers at an Irish pub made for a fantastic afternoon. Of course, the post-work run was full of heartburn. But that's allright.

This weekend I'm going out snail hunting. Really I just want to break his will to live. Crush his soul in ways that would make Glaven proud. It's the "Duel in the Dunes", the Critz Tybee half marathon that I will use to pummel the Georgia Snail. You can still register if you want to come on down to Tybee Island GA. I explained my connection to Tybee in a post last year, but it's a place that is dear to my heart. The race route goes right past our house! I have been looking forward to running this half since I first got back into running in 2008. I'm also looking forward to finally getting to hang out some with Thomas, all trash talking aside. My brother(s) are coming down with me (Michael and/or Morgan - he's still on the fence). So we've got plenty of room.

Goal 1: Break 2 hours
Goal 2: Cross that finish line before the Snail
Goal 3: Enjoy the beach in February

I'm not going to sugar coat it.... the snail has been training hard. I think I've got a sub-2 hour half in my legs but I can't go all Ali on him and guarantee anything. I'm going to put in a 1 mile swim tomorrow at lunch, and another shortish run thursday over lunch before tapering. Saturday I should be fresh and ready to race. I'll have the little camera for plenty of pics, and Kelley will have the big camera for pics from the KK challenge. That should be a funny one.

So that's the week that was and is. I'll be putting plenty of stuff on facebook while i'm down there but might wait until I have the pics from kelley's run before writing the race report. And after I make it back to Raleigh on Sunday night we've been invited to a Super Bowl party with Calyx and Donna! I'm really excited about that. It's a 6 hour drive each way from raleigh to tybee, so who knows how I'll feel when I get back, but I really want to go. Have a great weekend!


Badgergirl said...

That cheesecake looks delicious!

Good luck on the half this weekend!

RockStarTri said...

Dude, you have to take those reflectors off the bike!

A strategy hint: Could be trouble if you let Tom get ahead of you - I've heard snail trail can be toxic!

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

Oh dear lord that cheesecake looks AMAZING. Good thing you got the bike back to work it off with!!

GeorgiaSnail said...

You cannot crush that which you cannot see....If I were you I would save that cake until Saturday...I can see it now, you sobbing in a closet, drenched in your own tears. Chocolate icing smeared all over your face as you attempt to drown your sorrows from the beatdown you just received in front of your brothers(who used to look up to you)...I will tell them it is going to be okay, you may never be the same, but it will be okay one day...

teacherwoman said...

Umm... share the cheesecake please!

Good luck this weekend, like you need it.

And yes, I am INSANE.. but you are INSANE for being an NC State fan... I might have to send you something Tar Heels. lol.

Kim said...

send a piece of that cheesecake to boston please! you have been killing your workouts, and i have no doubt you will do awesome this weekend.

Anonymous said...

new follower-that cheesecake looks delightful. So does that cannondale! Congrats on the size 34s too...

Wes said...

if you eat that cheesecake, you can forget about a sub-2 hour :-) I will be cheering strongly or your goal this weekend! Go kick some ass...

Alisa said...

You got that sub 2 for sure!

I'm so impressed by your month total! Now that I have a cadence sensor on the bike I can actually track my bike miles on the trainer instead of just time.

Mmmmm cheesecake can you mail me some please?!?!

healthy ashley said...

Nice jeans!

And HOLY CHEESECAKE that looks amazing!! Yeah, I could only imagine how yummy that was.

This is the first time I noticed how gorgeous your bike is!

* Tyly * said...

Her blog is seriously amazing, and dear Lord... that cheesecake... OMG! YUM!

I am on facebook, my friend! Just hunt down Tyly Shab -- I do believe I'm the only one -- and I'd love to add you! :)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

That cheesecake looks amazing!!

Good luck with the half this weekend. You have trained hard, you can do this. I wanted to do a sub 2 hour 1/2 this year, but I would have to do it at the half on May 2nd that I am hoping to run... but my knee has been bothering me lately so I don't know how much I want to push it since I want to be healthy for the full. So annoyed with my knee right now, might need to suck it up and go to the doctor or something....

Havs said...

Great looking cheesecake (another of my achilles heels of eating!)

Great looking CDale! I love 'em, almost bought one myself.

And, holy crap, you are Killing (with a capital K) those workouts-and it's early in the year yet!! Still time for you to come on up for IM-Racine or the Dairyland Dare...you'll ace 'em at that pace!!

Missy said...

I'm so jealous of...that cheesecake and that you get to go to a superbowl party with Calyx and Donna. Seriously, give them my best. They were very fun at B2B. I loved their enthusiasm.

Jess said...

At least you're not becoming a Duke or UNC fan....

And way to rock it on January. Seriously 39 workouts! Ridic!

Al's CL Reviews said...

I want that cheesecake!

Stephanie said...

Cheesecake is dangerous for sure! I think I may try to make a raw cheesecake (cashews, raw cacao, etc).

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