Tuesday, December 15, 2009


dang germ factories are at it again. Kelley and the girls came to Raleigh on saturday. Wes was also in Raleigh this weekend, so of course the girls got here about 15 minutes before wes calls wanting to hang out. hey, i could have gotten you sick too big guy. count your blessings.

It was so nice not to have to drive back to greenville on friday and come back to raleigh on sunday. on top of that, the girls are still here!! going back to g'town tomorrow. but i got a few more days with them.

my company christmas party was saturday; that's why the girls are in town. Kelley looked absolutly stunning. i had no pants, so i had to wear jeans. and we are just slack enough not to have taken any pictures. we also did not win any door prizes or anything interesting like that. i did however get fairly drunk.

about 8 pm we get a call from Mickey that Evil Genius is vomiting. so all day sunday she had to be curled up in daddy's lap. is there a safer place for a little girl who's under the weather than curled up with a blanket in daddy's lap?

also i had to blow off coffee with wes sunday morning, we took EG to an urgent care place. sorry bro, next time.

so i did my tri power workout monday before work, worked the full day, even got in some speedwork in the pool monday over lunch. afternoon throat started feeling sore, and by 9 pm i was under the table. fever, sinuses, restlessness, full body ache. you name it. so i only slept for a couple of hours last night. called in sick to the office today and spent the whole day curled up on the couch. the kids don't know what "daddy hurts" means, so they were jumping on me and throwing things at me most of the day. ah, it's good to have them in town. kelley was a dream. she got me pomegranate juice and soup and drugs. i usually don't get sick more than once a year, so i hope this is my only winter ick.

i hope you have enjoyed the drogging (drunk blogging) so far; cold meds are yea.

and if that wasn't random enough

friday i got to go swimming with bill. Bill is one of the owners of the company i work for. he had a swimming scholarship to UAB back in teh day, and did Ironman CdA 5 years ago. kelley really enjoyed talking with him at the holiday party. that dude is still fast. he did teach me how to do flip turns, so that was really cool. still, he did a mile in teh same time it took me to do 1000 m. and he fucked up my training log, apparently i've been swimming in a 25yd pool and recording the distances in meters. gaaaa!!! piss on it. gotta find a translator i guess.

Saturday Kyle and I went out for a road ride. he's the main instigator on the company's tu/th mountain bike lunchtime rides, so i didn't feel too bad when he out-climbed me on teh hills. it was supposed tobe a 60 mile ride, but the 38 degree weather cut us down to only 20 miles. fucking cold! geez that was nasty. i'm still trying to talk him into buying a road bike.

I had an addition suggested to the Holiday Gift Guide by a few people. Anyone used the Garmin ForeRunner 310 XT yet? it seems dreamy. a few months ago (too hopped up on cold meds to find the post) i mentioned taking the forerunner 205 into the pool and was quickly told that was a bad idea. this 310 is waterproof for swimming (depth of 50 m), will track your transition times and bike/run splits. oh yea baby. that's the stuff dreams are made of.

kelley called about the new bike i want, but the bike shop told her it was already sold. damn!! I was ready to call them. 58 cm red/white cannondale Synapse 5-c please. load 'er up. guess i will have to keep looking. i need to find a Specialized dealer in Raleigh.

I was finally able to buy the bike because I got a car. finally. it's the exact same car that i had before the wreck. apr 5 2008 i drove 4.5 hours from a friends wedding, made it 2 blocks from my house when a redneck t-boned by car and it was totalled. gone. haven't had a car since. it was a 1997 toyota avalon xl, silver, tan leather interior, 123k miles, sunroof.

monday kelley bought me a 1997 toyota avalon xls, silver, tan leather interior, 123k miles, sunroof. The only difference is the xls model is a little bigger (and more expensive), and it has the gold lettering on the back and the old car had the silver lettering. i preferred the silver. but we paid cash and have enough left over for a bike.

is it wrong that i'm more excited about the bike than i am the car? is it wrong to spend more on a bike than a car? ok i can't do that. but i'm glad that the stupid car thing is done so i can get on with a new bike purchse. where's my pom juice? i think the cold meds are about to put me down. goodnight.fgds hfdfds dsatrd5


RockstarTri said...

a few thoughts:

- little girl cuddles are worth the daddy sickness cost.
-I have a 310xt. I used to use a 305 but by daughter "stole" it so I used that to justify my new toy. Note that you can wear the 310 in the water but it doesn't report accurately while you are in the water.
- Don't go with a compact on the bike. Go for the big front chainring at 53/39. The compact has a lower top end for speed and you will be an animal this year!

Wes said...

hahaha! You are too funny. I figured that since the girls were in town, that getting ANY of your time was gonna be iffy. When you told me you had a Christmas party to go to, I knew it was over :-) LOL... But I'm not worried about it. I know for a fact that one day our lives will align and we'll get to see each other, racing or otherwise.

I'm still drooling over that Garmin 310XT too, but I gotz priorities...

I hope you are feeling better, and that lame-o excuse about being sick after the X-mas party IS OLD!!

GeorgiaSnail said...

mmmm, Garmin 310XT.....rumor has it santa may be bringing me the 305. Garmmie's all around!!!

Lily on the Road said...

Get better CJ, you are such a good daddy!!!

Love your Greedy Christmas Wish List, love.it! You've given me ideas for mine!!! LOL

You'll love the bigger car & the bike, its a win / win!!

Ryan said...

Do you want to be a triathlete, or a roadie?

Roadies ride road bikes...Triathletes ride Tri bikes.

I didn't want to ruin your fun but now let's be real and get a tri bike and leave the road bikes to Homo's...errr...I mean non triathletes.

teacherwoman said...

Hells ya! I would be more excited about the bike than the car!

Sorry to hear you are a bit under the weather. I felt something like that coming on Monday morning and have been trying to fight it off with good 'ol H2O... I have been lacking the good night's rest this week... grr.

Glad to hear you have your lovely ladies up there for a bit!

Mike Russell said...

The car is just a rack for the bike to get it to far, far away places. I went to buy a new one a couple of years and looked at an SUV. The sales guy was showing me the interior and I told him that model would never work. He of course asked why and I told him it didn't have enough clearance for my bike. He told me to put my bike on a rack outside.

Was he crazy?

Jess said...

Sorry to hear about all the sickness hope you and everyone else is feeling better soon!

I'd love a Garmin of any kind for Christmas really. I think I've asked for one the last three years and have yet to get it. Could be because I also request things like external hard drives, which I guess Santa finds more practical.

Mel-2nd Chances said...

ya CJ, get a tri bike! mine is red/white, you won't even have to change your color scheme... oh ya, and it's a Specialized! LOL Hope you're starting to feel better.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Ok, I had to laugh at the part about the kids jumping on you & throwing stuff at you. :)

I hope you guys are all back to 100% soon. Being sick is never fun, and certainly not around the holidays.

I know I can't complain about the cold right now because I choose to live in Minnesota - and my pet peeve is people who complain about something they can change. But can I just say it was 1 degree today? That's the warmest it's been in the a.m. all week. And yah, -13 with the windchill. I am shaking my head and wondering why my family decided to live in this godforsaking cold part of the country.

Ok, I guess I did end up complaining a little bit there.

I think it's totally ok to spend more on your bike than your car! But I am glad you were able to find a car!

Badgergirl said...

Hope you guys are feeling better!

A new bike and a Garmin, those are on my wishlist. Have a feeling Santa's not bringing me either. Like Jess, I usually end up getting the practical things.

Amanda said...

I love that you're more psyched for the bike than the car. I'm not a car person so I totally would be the same way. I hope you guys are all feeling better by now!

Missy said...

It is not wrong, I love my bike way more than my car. But my car kicks ass because it carries my bike and gear nicely.

Sorry about the ick. I'm still n ot 100% from weeks ago. It totally blows.