Thursday, January 22, 2009

Gettin Fishy

Boy it felt great to get back in the water this morning. I actually made it to my first masters swim practice on time and ready to get wet. The coach was awesome, the other members were friendly, and I was absolutely the slowest person there. I'm amazed how little swimming fitness I have left. I haven't been in the water since August, and I could barely make it 50 yards straight.

But, the coach there was really easy to work with. He gave me tons of pointers on body position and form, and the laps just got easier through the workout. Mostly I was just glad to be puttin laps in the water again. Form and efficiency really are the key, not arm speed or strength. In one hour in the pool, I did about 36 laps freestyle, and finished with 6 laps of backstroke to balance out the muscles. The coach also taught me about bilateral breathing and balance in the pool, and that really made a huge difference.

The strangest thing was that I got there at 5:30 am, left at 6:40 am, and the sun still wasn't up. I can't remember the last time I finished something before sunrise. Now (9 am) I'm feeling the workout a little bit more. The muscles have gone back into repair mode now and I'm really feeling some soreness creeping in. Boy it feels good to be back in the water.

Yesterday work caught up with me and I missed my scheduled strength time. I might make that up later on, but I might skip it. Saturday's 22 mile run is going to be here before you know it. Tuesday I did get in 45 mins (5 miles, 500 calories) on the elliptical. So it's been a pretty productive week.

Also starting this past monday, Wifey put me on weight watchers restrictions to get this holiday weight off. I can tell you it's difficult getting by on 33 points a day plus excercise points. But saturday (Jan 17 - holiday's are over) and I still weighed in at 205, then I know there's about 9 or 10 lbs to lose to get back to fighting weight by marathon time. I also know that it will make my knee/shin thing feel better to lose a few. So it's back to chub fighting for a few weeks and then all will be right with the world again.

Gotta code some, have a great day!


Wes said...

The less resistance you present to the water, the faster you go with the same effort. Strength does help, but if you are fighting the water, its a losing proposition. Great workout!! That IS a great feeling is it not?

ThickChick said...

Sounds like an excellent am workout! I wish I was more interested in swimming......

Jess said...

Nice job with the workout this morning! I'm sure it felt great to be back in the pool!

amric1409 said...

Oh man I was SOO dead after my very first masters practice. I'm only 20 years old and there was a 60-year-old woman swimming in my lane who was training for her third ironman and she was totally kicking my butt!! Now after 6 months of swimming two to three times a week I've finally caught up to her! :-) (stretch your shoulders, they'll get sore) PS: Thanks for the great advice on my post!

Viper said...

So do they let you wear water wings in this swim class, or no?

Anonymous said...

Make sure you eat all your WW activity points and them some - you don't want your body to go into starvation mode.

I did a triathlon once - the water portion scared the crap out of my husband - I am not a good swimmer.

He's like "you can't put your foot down in a lake!" But they had lifeguards in the water, in kayaks, so it was okay. Until a woman swam right into me and I swallowed a bunch of water!

I started to freak out, this lifeguard handed me a noodle to rest and as I was about to hand it back to finish the last 10th of the race - he goes - maybe you should keep it!

Once he saw me coming out of the water, with the noodle, only then could he sigh with relief!

Sorry I rambled - I can type 130 words per minute!

teacherwoman said...

Sweet workout! Nice job!

Alisa said...

Nice job on the swim! I can't wait to get back in the pool. Swims start on Sunday for me. I miss the pool!

Can't wait to hear how you rocked your 22 miler!

RBR said...

Great job on the swim. I am always impressed with swim workouts since I hate them so much.

Good luck with WW. I ma struggling a bit in that area, but I am going to worry more about it after Ironman.

My goal is to not gain anymore and to not losing any muscle before the event.

Have fun on your 22 miler this weekend!

Ryan said...

Welcome to the triathlete life: one training session complete before sunrise.

I'm dieting too, blah! It is even more difficult living in a hotel, every night we go out for dinner my daughter is ordering more than me...Oh well, thats the price for speed.