Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Kool and the Gang

Wow what an amazing couple of days. Barak won big last night which I am super happy about. It is getting irritating already hearing about the historic significance though. The media is acting like African-Americans are the only ones who should be excited about this. Forget about the environmentalists (like me), the economists, people who work, or are out of work, or have money, or don't have money, or are still generally alive. I guess we're only supposed to be mildly enthused to have a president that can speak in complete sentences. So try to maintain some composure. BO has the captivating and motivational qualites of Martin Luther King Jr, and the sheer genius and forward thinking of Bill Clinton. So after 8 years of war and having our faces rubbed in the dirt, I think the historical significance of his potential will stand true for everyone. You know some older people still have pictures of FDR or Kennedy hanging on the walls? I think our generation will be affected the same way over the next 8 years as he pulls us out out of this depression.

Also, I got word about a race I've been waiting for. So Wifey and I are signed up to run the Get Your Rear in Gear half marathon in Traveler's Rest, SC on Jan 3rd! According to the training plan, the week before the race we're supposed to cover 19 miles as a long run, and the week after we go 20. So race day is our short long run week, supposed to be 12 miles. Perfect time to slide in a half. I'm super excited. And I might have even talked my friend Deb into running it too. We're doing MB at her encouragement. so yay, new race to look forward too. There's going to be some hills, it's supposed to be a fun and challenging course. Come on up to g'ville and run it if you can!

Work has got me hella busy today, so that's it. More interesting stuff to come friday, though.

oh, but I should mention that my violently red South Carolina had 44% voting for Barak. We still gave the electoral votes to McCain, but I was really hoping more than 30% of my state would be open minded enough to vote for someone else. 1% of the vote also went Libertarian, which is cool.

And Wifey and I walked to the polling place, stood in line for an hour, then walked back. It was almost 3 miles round trip, so I'm calling that a workout. I'm still loving the yoga, did another 30 min session this morning. More cross training to come.

And THE STICK arrived on monday. Wow, rolling your legs out really helps. That is a really super cool thing. Thanks Marcy and Wes for reccomending!


Marcy said...

Hey like the new look!

Ahhh I'm so glad the elections are over :-) Not that it matters in this neck o the woods. NY is always automatic blue state.

Love the pain baby! LMAO!

Girl on Top said...

Thinking about that half marathon in January...Where can I get more info? It seems like the only thing I find is on and that never gives me enough info. Also went to YMCA page and that doesn't give me much info too.

Jess said...

Ohh the Stick is amazing. I picked on up at my last race expo!

I'm with Marcy on loving the pain LOL!

Sarah said...

Great opening paragraph! I'm not African American - but I'm still thrilled :)

Carly said...

I am sooooo happy the elections are over. Back to normalcy without campaign ads.

I must get me one of those sticks. I am glad it is working for you.