Monday, February 20, 2017

The problem with pain

The orthopedist was very friendly on Monday, but didn't have any real answers. She said my foot pain was "something tendon related" and wanted an MRI. I chose not to pay for the MRI when the outlook was likely to be the same - a few weeks of physical therapy and a prescription for NSAID's. Turns out the anti-inflammatory's are an arthritis medication, but the xray did not reveal any "significant" arthritis buildup.

I'm starting the physical therapy next week, and after talking to a friend at church today I feel really good about that. The drugs have been working great on my foot as well, it really feels better. Not 100% yet, but really manageable. I'm still in the foot brace or the orthotics, and no running yet (going on almost 6 weeks now).

Side effects from the drugs has included gaining 12 pounds in the first week. that's not cool. Also the joint pain in my hands is showing some signs of improvement, but my elbows are having some new and pretty serious joint pain. Also muscle pain around my elbows, forearms mostly. I tried doing some pushups the other day, and could barely make it through 10 instead of my usual 50. I tried swimming Monday night when Ella was back in her swim team practice too, and barely 300 yards in my arms were heavy and killing me. The rest of the night it was agonizing joint pain in the elbows and forearms. And I haven't had a single workout since then. No yoga, swimming, running, biking, weights, anything.

The hardest part about chronic joint pain is not letting it bring negativity into every other part of your life. My family well knows that if I go a few days without a decent workout I get very short tempered. Right now I'm working very hard to remain patient. It feels like I'm suddenly aging very fast. It's more than just accepting some time off for an injury. Normal rest should make you feel better, not make everything else fall apart.

I don't know what's going on anymore, or what I'm supposed to do about it. And until I figure that out, I am just going to keep taking the drugs and going to physical therapy and take everything else one day at a time.


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

All of that joint pains sounds a little odd. Would you consider seeing your physician and having them run a blood panel? Seems odd to continue to have joint pain when you are on an anti-inflammatory. What did they put you on? Meloxicam (generic is Mobic)? I think I was on that when I had my stress fracture and now I'm on a maintenance dose of it for my RA. The weight gain is tough because your body is so used to working out so much and even though your activity level has dropped, your hunger doesn't drop... I struggled with that when I was in the boot in Charlotte and ended up joining Weight Watchers because I wanted to get the weight gain under control before it got worse.

I hope that the PT helps and you can be back to doing the things you love very soon. Going through extended periods of injury/pain really gives you a sense of perspective, though, and reminds you to appreciate those periods without pain. I hope you are back to feeling no or minimal pain very very soon!!!

Abby said...

If the joint pain doesn't improve I would fight to have them run tests for RA, hypothyroid, and even lowering testosterone levels all of which can can it. - I actually have the last 2. said...

Well, i hope you find the best solution for your pain soon. It is sad to know about your foot pain. I can understand what you are feeling right now. you should consult with a specialist surgeon.