Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Gravity Catches

The quote is "Old age and gravity eventually catch up to us all" is totally ringing true these days. So far 2017 is going great, really. I'm moving into a managerial role at work, the kids are doing great at school, and we had some good snow days last week. I'm settling into a really good pattern of workouts that are a lot of fun, even if they aren't getting me really prepared for my March marathons. This is not a downer post.

But I do miss running! I've been getting out there about once a week since 11/6. Actually I took the first 3 weeks off completely after the City of Oaks marathon. This tendonitis in my right foot hasn't gone away yet. I thought that by January I could get back up to 30-50 mile weeks so my patience is wearing a bit thin here. I'm taking the zen practice of acceptance approach to the whole thing. Fixing it now will be easier than fixing it later. Take each day as it comes. I've got 5 marathons coming up, it's better to rest now and miss the first few than to push it now and miss them all.

Last night Evil Genius fell asleep in the wrong place. That meant Daddy had to correct the situation. That meant Daddy threw out his lower back trying to pick up a little girl. And that meant Daddy was laughing aaaaaalllllll day about how much pain he was in.

I really did think it was funny. I mean, you have to be able to laugh at yourself. So today I went to the chiropractor and got a fantastic adjustment. My regular tuesday has been some yoga before work, then hitting the weights and the stationary bike at the gym at night. I decided not to workout at all today to let the back recoup. It feels great now.

Also today I made an appointment for the dentist to makeup for one that got cancelled during snowpocalypse. I also called to setup a new patient appointment for a family physician. The last time I got a cold of some kind I wanted antibiotics but didn't have a regular doc to take care of that. So I'm going in for a physical so that situation won't come up again. Also I made an appointment to get some acupuncture, hopefully that will FINALLY help this foot tendonitis heal up!

But as a health nut, going to the chiropractor on the same day that I line up visits for acupuncture, a filling, and a physical just seems excessive. I shouldn't need to talk to four doctors offices in one day. But I guess old age and gravity really do catch up to us all.

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Sorry to hear you haven't been able to run as much as you would like. But you are smart to listen to your body and not overdue it so you can do as many of those races as you possibly can. It's frustrating to deal with aches and pains and such. I haven't even attempted to run because I've been doing at home workouts and it's been too dang cold and icy to run outdoors. I'm usually tougher about running outside but after my hip surgery, I really don't want to risk getting injured. So I'll wait for warmer temps. In the mean time I've been doing great kick boxing type of workouts that I enjoy. Next up I'm doing the 21 day fix program which is most weight training with some cardio thrown in. Hopefully spring will arrive early so I can get outside in march! I definitely want to go for what will be a slow run when we are in San Diego as there's a boardwalk path that I can run on! And maybe eventually I'll find the motivation to actually go to the gym and get on the dreadmill... Leaving the house in the cold weather is a challenge, though!!!

Hope your back continues to get better!