Thursday, December 1, 2016

Fake News

I'm sick of all of this fake news popping up everywhere. Today it's all people claiming that it's December already. We had a record high 77* in Raleigh yesterday! I know September when I see it. You can't believe everything you read on facebook people. It's called fact-checking.

On the other hand, this year has been the incredibly terrible-no-good-really-bad year so only having one month left isn't necessarily a bad thing. I know the calendar turning over won't magically make Bernie the President or anything, I'll just be glad when I can put this collection of events into a bag and stuff it away somewhere deep in a hole.

There was a lot that happened in November, and not all of it was crap.

Swim: 12,700, 5 swims
Bike: nothing
Run: 41.2 miles, 4 runs, 1 race
Strength: twice
Yoga: 8 times

Wow, hitting the yoga mat was the thing I did most often in November. The one race I had was the City of Oaks Marathon, and it was fantastic. But after that I was fighting some knee and foot pain in my right leg so I took about 2.5 weeks off. Then we did Thanksgiving in SC where I picked up a cold that has kept everything on the sidelines since then. I was getting some solid pool time too before all of that cold stuff. Those number are about a third of what I was hoping they would be.

Topless Year
After swim practice on 11/4

Styling with an Evil Genius after the car wash on 11/6

some nice driving time on 11/16
There was some nice weather in the south for November. Sunny and warm that I wasn't expecting.

Other stuff that happened, good and bad
I was pulling for the Indians to win the world series! (bad, that didn't happen)

We found a new German restaurant in Cary that's REALLY good.

Even EG loved it

our loaf of bread felt more at home

EG almost stood up on that balance beam!

We got to see Santa

Family portrait with the fat man

more fun during a magic show
 Every year they do this Holiday event in Cameron Village, a local shopping center nearby. We love to go and let the kids play on the games they setup, but they didn't want to play on anything this year. We did get the annual picture with Santa and see their favorite magic show. Ella and I both got picked to participate this year!

At the lake for Thanksgiving

The Little House in Saluda SC for Turkey Day #1, that's Kelley and her mom on the porch

This is really in the country

Girls feeding goats

For Thanksgiving this year we went down to Neena's lakehouse on Wednesday night, then over to the Little House at Aunt Kathy's on Thursday. We did get to hike out (about 30 minutes, they have 200 acres) to a new cabin that Uncle Roxy just finished building. Really cool place. Then we made it to Greenville in time for another Turkey Day meal that was so good I didn't get any pictures.

So this was some of the good and some of the bad, but there's always more.


Abby said...

Seriously how is it December, I swear it was just January like a month ago?!? FAKE!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I saw the news about your BIL passing so it sounds like the trend of bad things happening continued for your family. :( I'm so sorry for your guys' loss. He was so incredibly young.

I can't believe it's December either. It definitely feels like December here, though. We have a cold front right now so it was 0F with the windchill this morning. I'm not ready for these kind of cold temps but I would like some snow so I coudl xc ski. Although that would require me to have free time to go skiing which I don't see happening until January since December is so gosh darn busy!!