Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Ella's first swim meet

This past weekend Ella competed in her first ever athletic event! She's been swimming with the city team for about a month. It's a very laid back setup, they practice twice a week. The coach has to keep up with 20-30 kids in 4 lanes, so it's a bit crowded and they don't get much individual help with the strokes, but overall it gets the job done. She gets some regular, structured exercise, and has made some friends that she really likes. I like the team, and I love that Ella enjoys going to practice and getting active. Really, watching your kid pick up something you love doing and seeing them enjoy the same thing is incredible. I can't convince either of them to run with me, or learn to code web sites, but this really hits me right in the feels.

She did ok! She swam the 100 freestyle in 2:34, good enough for 2nd place in her age group. Then later she swam the 50 backstroke in 1:17 and got 5th place. She's been faster than that in warmups, and got really teary after the free. I think that wore her out a bit. Clearly she wasn't used to the adrenaline of being in the competitive environment. Overall she did a good job and put out a strong effort. We are all proud of her for competing.

My little swimmer!

Going in for the freestyle event. too funny!

Finished! crazy times

EG knew there was a picture going on. Ella is about to cry

Starting the 50 back. Such a cool shot!

panoramic of the pool - so cool!

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

That's awesome that you did so well! 2nd in her age group for the 100m is awesome! And it's tough to get used to doing multiple races in one day so I can understand why her 50m time was a bit off. That's awesome that she has found a sport that she likes!