Monday, October 17, 2016

Skinny & Co Coconut Oil

A while back, I was contacted and sent some free samples of the pure coconut oil from Skinny + Co. Their products are supposed to be made from the purest coconut oil out there. They sent me a pack of 5 products to evaluate and review.

they didn't send the dog
I like to think I'm a pretty progressive guy. I have a wife and 2 daughters, they know things. I know enough to admit my shortcomings. When I saw makeup remover in the kit I knew I was in trouble. The kids have tried it after they were playing dress-up, and they love it. They think it smells good and gets the makeup off of their face.

I'm still not really sure what a sugar scrub is. Kelley told me to put some on my feet, and my feet like it. That's all I really know about Skinny Sugar Scrub. Gently exfoliate and remove dead skin indeed.

Oil pulling is something I had been wanting to try for a while. Coconut oil is a solid when it gets below 72*, then goes liquid any warmer than that. So you put a spoonful of this stuff in your mouth when it's still solid and it turns into a liquid quickly. Then you spend 20 minutes swishing this stuff around inside of your mouth before spitting it out. The oil binds to impurities and bacteria inside your mouth and that is why you spit out the stuff after 20 minutes. If this sounds gross don't worry, it is actually gross. But it's very effective.

I also got some body butter. This is the good stuff. It smells great and really makes my skin feel good. I use it on my elbows and anything with a tattoo. It's great. It's always great! Love it more than I expected to. Who wants to rub themselves down with a fat? nobody. But when it's a coconut oil purified and formed into a lotion, it's wonderful.

Cooking with coconut oil is becoming quite popular. They even sell it at the warehouses now, but it's not this quality. Good quality cooking oil is very distinct. You can tell in both the smell and texture when you're cooking with a high quality coconut oil. I actually put a little bit in with my scrambled eggs. It makes the kitchen smell great, adds a very healthy fat into my eggs, and helps them scramble with a smoother texture than using butter or olive oil. Anytime you would normally start with a pat of butter, use this stuff instead and you will not be disappointed.

All very effective products
Skinny is a natural detoxifying agent. It is designed to be alkaline, and bind to impurities in the body. Regular consumption can lead to increased mental clarity and a boost in immune systems activity. Skinny is a small family owned company, and the coconuts are wild harvested (not from a plantation) then cold pressed into oil to be sure all of the nutrients are retained. Skinny is the only 100% raw, alkaline coconut oil in the world.
- from the company web site
and the lit included in the packaging

In the end, yes I was given free product in exchange for a review. But I've been wanting to try coconut oil for a while now as a part of my natural holistic wellness regime so I jumped at the chance when it was offered to me. And this product exceeded every expectation. Get yourself a big jar online, you'll thank me later.


CautiouslyAudacious said...

I too got to try this out! I liked all but one, there was one that smelled funky the others smelled really good! My scrub broke in my gym bag and I was super bummed! I haven't tried the swishing in your mouth thing yet I'll have to try it...

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Oh man, I've heard about 'pulling' but just hearing about it makes me feel like gagging... I don't know if I could swish water around in my mouth for 20 minutes, let alone oil... Maybe I will try it sometime, though.

I love using coconut oil when cooking. I converted to doing that when I did whole 30. I'll have to check this brand out!