Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Hello October

September turned out to be a pretty fantastic month!  It started with a very comfortable labor day weekend and wrapped up with a gloriously cool weekend.

Swim: 25,800 yards, 8 swims
Bike: 0
Run: 102 miles, 11 runs, 1 race
Strength: 4 times
Yoga: 8 times

Not bad numbers overall. I thought I had more yards than that in the pool, but 25k is still alright. 102 miles is a bit low for the last month of marathon training, but I did have some taper time in there. The one race was the Oak City Mile, and when the race is only 1 mile you're not going to have a huge month. It's got me setup for an amazing October!

It also left me at 980 miles of running on the year, which means I'm over 1000 now. That might have been a goal for the year, maybe it was 1200. I better check on that. It's still cool.

Topless year
I actually got to ride around a lot with the top down on the old Audi, but didn't get too many pictures. It was really hot for a large percentage of the month but did eventually get more comfortable.

At the church on 9/14

Happy swimmer after practice on 9/28
after swim practice back at work on 9/28. Tough day at the office!
Other cool stuff
Facebook prompted for a memory that Lena thought we should recreate. After a race in 2009 Ella got up on my shoulder. She's so grown up now that it's hilarious.

They grow up so fast!

She's too big for this now! I need medical attention.

I got to run my favorite 20 mile route into Umstead this month! First time since March.

Lena got her best friend to join the gymnastics class too!

The teacher is trying to help Lena get over the bar. She's loving it.
Overall September had a lot of fun! But October is usually my favorite month of the year. So let's see what's going to happen next.


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I love the recreation of that race pic. It's crazy how fast kids grow and change. I imagine this might be the last year you'll be able to recreate that pose! Ella looks so tall!

September was not my favorite month either, mostly because of how sick I was in the first part of the month. October is shaping up to be awesome, though! Our weather isn't quite as nice as what you guys get down there (well, minus the hurricane weather, of course!) but it's still a pretty mild time of year for us! And we have our trip to Bend next week to look forward to.

Abby said...

Love that you had a great month and were able to get some awesome work it.