Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Dance

The third year of the Indian Princess program starts off with the Daddy/Daughter dance and this was Evil Genius's time to shine. She absolutely loves the fancy stuff, and there was no shortage of that. The dance was this past Sunday night, and it was amazing.

First on Saturday I got to have some fun. I had planned a long run of 19 miles and lined up some swimming fun too. My route was planned to go down to the Capital building, then cut over to Umstead, and that's about what I ended up doing. I twisted in a few extra miles at the beginning, so I didn't end up making it all the way to Umstead before I needed to turn around. But I got all 19 miles done in 2:54 and felt great at the end. After that I was giving a swim lesson to the couple that I swam Ironman Raleigh with this year, she's doing her first triathlon in a couple of months. It went really well, and I got in another 2000 yards after the lesson. What a fun day!

Sunday night's dance started with your typical banquet rubber chicken dinner. It was pretty tasty, and the formal atmosphere really suited the evening. After that we moved down the red carpet into the ballroom, where the DJ set the tone and everyone danced the night away.

The highlight for me was us getting picked as a finalist in the twist contest! It ended up being decided by shouting, so whomever had the largest tribe there won. But for the dancing, I was all in. EG followed right along with me too. The coolest part was actually after the dancing was over when they judged by crowd noise. I decided at the last minute to strike a particular pose when it was our turn. EG - without coordinating it first - struck the mirror image of the exact same pose. That's my girl.

Actually most of the time she wouldn't stop laughing at me while I was dancing. There was plenty of sweet slow songs and she did dance a lot. but I don't think she expected Daddy to have moves like that.


Makeup and hair are on point

Ella had to get in on the photo action too

cute bow on the back of the dress

the Teen Titans seem to like her moves

Practicing the moves. Love this one!

helping Daddy get dressed

Suit up!

in the parking garage

Some tribes shelled out for a limo

This is how she felt about her dinner

The only tribe members we could find for this group shot

Group shot of the girls. The dresses were outstanding!

taking a break from the dancing


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Aw, what a sweet and fun experience for you two. I think it is so cool that you have done this with both of your daughters. I'm sure you are planting the seeds for what they should expect from a life partner waaaaay down the road when they start to seriously date. :) That's awesome that you guys were in a dance off for the twist competition - you must have some great moves! And it's nice that EG is still at an age where she doesn't get embarrassed by the antics of her dad!

Abby said...

What a great night. And please tell her I LOVE her dress!