Monday, August 3, 2015

Building a shed 1

Yes I know this has absolutely nothing to do with multisport training. But being a homeowner, husband, and father is all a part of life and this project has been sucking up a lot of life lately. It has turned out to be huge! We started with a storage shed on the side of the house that was half rotten, ugly, and had this strange slanted floor.

This shed is going to not be rotten, have a level floor, and have doors on both sides. Being big enough to hold all of our stuff is crucial. We don't have a garage or any non-heated space just for storage. Nobody ever complained about having too much storage space right? We ended up going with a rectangular 10' x 20' floor plan, built from scratch.  I'm going to tell the rest of it in pictures.

Before, there was a red fence in front of this originally

now an empty space

This will be our new floor!

Leveling the foundation blocks

And we have a floor!

Happy day!

We used the platform to built roof trusses

now that's some truss! We actually framed these all wrong and had to rebuild them.

Got the first two walls up!
using the floor to frame the walls

Got all 4 walls standing!

Roof is all trussed up!

I used the sill plate to extend the roofline out into a gable on both sides

Ella found the right way to deal with us building a shed


Kaolee Hoyle said...

That's awesome! I really want us to eventually build a shed in our backyard but we don't have a lot of space back there :(

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Wow, that looks like SO MUCH WORK but I am sure it will be great when the project is done!!!! Good for you for figuring out how to do this on your own!

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

It looks great so far! Ug - construction and home improvements are such a time suck. However, I think you can classify that as cross training. I can't wait to see the finished photos!