Friday, October 18, 2013

The Forest, The Fire, and the EG

What happens when you put an Evil Genius in the woods at night?  Fun times. Fun times indeed!

Outside of that, there was this

Taper is fantastic. I did get in three 10 mile runs, and not much else. Couple of rides, a swim, a brick. Beach 2 Battleship is 8 days away. I should be rested, and I'm certainly ready to get to that starting line.

After the brick Saturday, it was time to get ready and packed up to take the EG camping. It ended up being a mad scramble to get it all done. There was veggies to cut, get all the camping "stuff" ready, get lunch done with Bigun, and only had a few hours to pull it all together. Plus EG had a birthday party to go to, in which she wrote on the boy's card "I love you literally" and apparently that was a hit. He totally picked her for a lunch thing today at school.

Eventually we found the campsite and started setting up, only half an hour later than expected. This trip was with her Indian Princess tribe and the hope was that all 11 girls would get along well with each other and the weather would be sunny and 70* the whole time.  At least all the kids got along.

She crawled right into her sleeping bag as soon as I got the tent setup

Veggies cooking on the campfire. Yum!  They turned out incredible. EG in the background.

Roasting marshmallows, and this is about as close as she got to the fire. Bigun can't keep her hands out of it when she's camping.

S'Mores made with the largest marshmallow's ever created

Apparently, I pitched the tent on a part of the campsite that was slightly slanted.  It wasn't obvious to look at, but when I woke up this morning EG had slid over to  me and wasn't awake yet. This may be the sweetest picture I ever get with her. Freaking incredible.

She's so sweet when she's asleep.

Playing in the woods sunday morning in pj's and a chicken hat

Ol' Turkey Head strikes again. Somebody slept great in the tent with Daddy!

The Unicornicopia's go camping

As if that wasn't enough trouble for one weekend, Sunday afternoon was also the Indian Princess Fall Outing at Camp Kanata. We had to get out of the campsite, rush home where I finished stitching up my vest, showered, ate something, and got back on the road up to Wake Forest. Camp Kanata is a really fun place, they have canoes and archery and all that fun camp stuff. 

We didn't get there in time for any of that.  EG and I got parked and checked in just in time to make the hike out to the big tree. After that was dinner and then the evening ceremony, which is really the most important part of the entire fall outing.

No patches on that vest yet... slackin

The Big Tree is 200 to 250 years old
We snagged a group picture at the Big Tree, and they get a special feather for the hike.
We really have a great tribe going here. So much fun!

At the end, I'd say it was "mission accomplished" for the day.

I was stopped at a red light
When we left Kanata, she was asleep like that in less than 3 miles of driving time.  Totally worn out. She loved it. The entire time was great for her; and that never happens. ever. I really enjoyed getting that much time alone with my special little girl. It's going to be a fun year.


Alisa said...

You're totally ready for B2B! I have a couple of projects all ready for when I hit taper so I don't go nuts.

What a fun overnight trip for EG. I don't remember having anything like that as a kid. I only really remember two overnight trips, one was with school and the other was a brownie thing that got rained out and we ended up "camping" in someone's living room.

hebba said...

Awesome weekend!!

Alecia Taylor said...

Ugh, they grow up so fast! Keep making those awesome memories.