Tuesday, October 8, 2013

In Recovery

Technically it's not really a taper yet, but this is a recovery week after the peak stuff. Luckily I got in tons of running, a swim, and as little time on the bike as possible. I actually had much more time on the run than on the bike, 55 miles riding in 2:45, and 33 miles of running in 4:37. Add in that swim and I had about 8.5 hours working out last week. Not bad for recovery. I took it easy the whole time, nothing fast or hard in there.

Friday was my first glorious rest day in a while.  It was glorious. and all that running was just fantastic. All in all, that was a great week!

For the weekend, we headed down to Greenville to go back to the Shit house since the realtor was finished with it and we were ready to sign the listing agreement. The house turned out great!

The stairwell looked great! Gene and I built that wall years ago.

This used to be a screened in porch that I built, but now all of the screen is gone

Kitchen and dining area

It is listed for sale and is in great shape now! And you should seriously think about buying it. Of course it was great to see the family too. Mom made the Halloween costumes for the kids, and they loved it. We got to hang out with my brother Morgan a lot as well, and eat way too much pizza and had tons of fun. The drive back to Raleigh Sunday took way too long, but I still got in that 10 mile run after we got back.

Finally, my 20 year high school reunion was Saturday night. We chose not to go, but it still makes me feel my age. old!! Did you go to a big reunion like that? I kind of wanted to go just to show off the ironman body, tattoos, and marathon stories since of course all of my former classmates are going to show up looking fat, poor, and old. Ultimately I just didn't feel like it.


CautiouslyAudacious said...

Enjoy your rest, you earned it! I went to my 10 year reunion and will probably go to my 20 in a few years but I went to a VERY small school and we all still keep in touch so it's more like just getting together with a small group of friends.

Viper said...

I have had no desire to go to my high school reunions. It's been 16 years, and if I wanted to see most of those people, I would. I keep in touch with the ones I care about. Cheers!

Alisa said...

I didn't go to my 10 year, maybe I'll go to 20, who knows?!!

And yay for recovery!

I'm heading into the craziest 3 weeks of my life!