Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas 2012

This years Christmas was a blur.  A wonderful blur with lots of travel and family time.  At 7 and 5, the kids are at a really special age so we wanted to really make this a special Christmas for the kids.  I think we pulled off something pretty decent this year.  The story is best told photo-journalist style.
There was this huge creepy santa! I'm going on the attack.

Kelley takes a different approach.

We had the Bugg with us for the entire holiday, which made the season even more memorable for me.
The first stop was Christmas Eve in Robbins, NC with Kelley's dad's entire side of the family.  Even cousin Kendall and her brood were there, and we rarely get to see them anymore.  At least not as much as I'd like.  and they haven't been to the big family gathering in several years since they moved to the other side of the state.  It's always good to see everyone, and they always put out a good spread and we get plenty of laughs. 

The best had to come thanks to the Evil Genius.  Jimmy recently married one of Kelley's cousins, and they were hosting this year.  He collects vintage rifles and shotguns (safely stored), and pulled one out to show somebody.  Of course, EG had been turning the lights off in the room we were in, and being weird.  So when Jimmy pulled that gun out of course we told the EG "see what happens when you don't listen to us?" and she took off out of there like lightning.  I've never seen her move that fast.  I've got to remember that when she starts bringing boys home.
Family portrait with Kelley's dad and Bugg!
Christmas morning we got a special visit from Santa Clause.
This is absurd

Bugg was quite happy!
Of course the kids said what they wanted all year long, which was everything that appeared in a TV commercial.  And they are at that age where we have to get two of everything to squash the sibling rivalry.  Nobody shares anymore.  Apparently sharing is for losers.

They were so incredibly sweet this year!  Squeals when they found something they really wanted.  Screams of "I LOVE YOU SANTA CLAUSE" for that really desirable treat.  It was really unexpected, and makes me glad we went a little overboard.
Rudolph noses

Got to throw some NC State gear in there!
We had breakfast at home with Kelley's dad and Meem, then got on the road to SC.  We had to get down to Greenville while my mom's huge side of the family was still there.  They started early because some people had to leave, so we missed seeing my cousin Ben. And one of my aunts couldn't make the trip at all.  She's been fighting breast cancer for several months now and almost has it beaten. 

Afterwards, we went with my brothers to see "This is 40" and really enjoyed it.  It was very relatable and may have hit a bit close to home, but was really funny all the way through.

On Wednesday we had just the Flynn family Christmas, and that's where I ended up getting most of the pictures.
Morgan playing with Bugg's hair extentsions.  Silly uncle.

This is the kind of hug you get after giving them an American Girl doll.  Good to know their affections can be bought.
My folks got them each an American Girl doll that they picked out of the catalog.  And since my mom is an incredible seamstress, she also made them doll size clothes and matching kid size clothes!

They each got a fur vest and an apron in both sizes
This is too much!  The kids heads were about to explode.  I am amazed at how much stuff they ended up with.  It was all freaking adorable.
Bugg and Morgan really enjoyed getting to hang out some.  I think she loved the entire big family experience.

Me with my niece, Michael's kid.  It's nice to not be the only one bringing grandkids to these things.  And she's freaking adorable!

Morgan, Michael, and the new kid

My grandmother is 92 now, this is the entire Flynn clan (my dad is her only child) - that's quite a legacy!

My entire clan - Bugg, Bigun, Kelley, Evil Genius, and me.

The three grandkids

Michael, dad, Morgan, mom, me

Mom with her three granddaughters

And dad with his three granddaughters
It was wonderful.  The entire time we were in Greenville was just wonderful.  Then we got down to Prosperity to see Kelley's mom.  It was wonderful too.
Bigun and Nana

Trying to figure out what kind of present that really is!  What is that strange box?

I don't believe it

Once they figured it out, this was the position they assumed for the next, well, they still haven't broken ranks.
Kelley's mom sprung for Android tablets. The kids fight all the time over Kelley's laptop and her Nook.  Now they each have their own thing and can avoid all contact with other humans for as long as they wish.  or at least until the batteries run dead.  We loaded them up with a few games and the Netflix app, and Christmas was complete.

Kelley's sister was really sick for a while, which is why we had Bugg for the holiday.  I absolutely loved having her with us for the extra time.  I'm glad Meri is feeling better now and Bugg was able to go home, but I miss her already.  I had to work Thursday and Friday so I took off after only a few hours in Prosperity.  Nana was going to get Bugg back home (near Charlotte), and Kelley and the kids were sick of travelling.  They ended up staying at her mom's for the rest of the week, so I got a couple of nights to myself!  Merry Christmas to me!

I hope your holiday was festive and filled with love.  I know mine was!  This was one for the ages.  Our goal was to provide a meaningful Christmas for the kids and I think we all came together and pulled it off.  Amid all of these electronics, presents, and pictures there was still the message of Jesus coming to earth and the reason why we have this season.  The girls really fell in love with Christmas this year, and I hope they know why.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures - I love the Rudolph noses! Happy New Year!

Colleen said...

Sounds (and looks) like a perfect holidays!!!

Hugh Jass said...

My mom got my daughter an android tablet too. My husband and have to keep reminding ourselves that it's not ours.

hebba said...

Great pics. Sounds like a great time.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Wow, you had a great time! The girls got a lot, but I am glad that they were so appreciative! Makes it worth it for you guys, I am sure!

My nephew got a Kindle Fire last year and he thinks it is an iPad and he loves it. It was a great investment for them as it keeps him from harassing my SIL for their iPad! I bet the girls will love their Android Tablet!

Karen said...

Your girls are so cute! Santa hooked them up!!!