Thursday, November 1, 2012

Three Things Thursday (late edition)

1.  October is Oct-over

and what an October it was! The Giants won the world series in total control the whole time.  It feels like fall here now, the heat is gone for a few months.  And I did this:

Swim: zero
Bike: 38 miles, 3 rides
Run: 128.8, 16 runs, 1 race
Strength: 3 workouts
Yoga: 25 sessions

Ah, the triathlon offseason.  Ultra training.  A tiny bit of cross training maybe once a week and lots and lots of running.  I think 128 miles may be my biggest month ever.  I know it's the first time I've gone over 100 since Ironman training last year.  I've been doing 5 milers tuesday and thursdays before work.  Today's 5'er only took 37:29, which is the fastest one so far.  The weekends have been back to back long runs, 10 miles on saturday and longer on sunday.  One of these upcoming weeks I'm going to get my 10 mid-week and then get the weekend done with 10 on saturday and 20 on sunday, making a 40 mile week.  Epic!

I better get that done this month, as Dec 2nd is the ultra.

2. Registration is open!

The Beach 2 Battleship registration opened up today.  The 2013 race is on October 26th.  I know I'm going to do it as my second ironman.  The spreadsheet is already loaded up with a start to my training plan.  I haven't registered yet, but tomorrow is another day.

26 people have already registered, including two people from Raleigh, and one Flynn woman from Florida.  It's going to be a huge and very competitive field out there.  I'm very excited already.

3. Dreaming of Florida

This time last year we were down in PCB already.  IMFL is this weekend.  I know lots of people running it this year.  Good luck if you're running it saturday, and good luck if you're trying to sign up on sunday!


I've got two new tattoos to show off, ran a 5k last saturday that needs a race report, and just signed up for another 5k this saturday.  crazy stuff all up in here!


hebba said...

kick ass October! COngrats on the 25 yoga sessions, especially!

Hugh Jass said...

Great stats and new tats! (I'm a poet)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Nice work on the mileage! Mine was lowish last month (98) and will be lower the next couple of months as this is sort of my 'off season'. I am doing more yoga and cross training which is a nice change of pace.

That's exciting that you are doing Beach to Battleship. Can't wait to follow along with your training!!