Thursday, November 15, 2012


There are about eleventymillion things going on right now, some of which are old but I just got photos about, and others are pretty recent.  I'll try to explain what I can, and come back later for the rest.
  • This morning I ran 5 miles in 36:54, breaking 37 minutes for the first time.  it was awesome.
  • Had another marathon weekend last weekend, running 10 miles saturday morning in 1:17:36, I think that's around a 7:38 pace.  It felt great to get that much speed running Hillsborough street.
  • The other 16.2 came sunday afternoon.  I overslept and missed church, then got out and ran from the house to Umstead, got a few miles on the trails and came back.  It was pretty painful after such a fast run saturday, but these back to back long runs are what prep me for the ultra.  So, whatever, bring it on.
  • This Tuesday I also ran 5 miles, untimed and sluggish. less awesome.
  • This weekend's long runs are 10 miles and 20 miles.  Hopefully this will lead to some epic metabolism for Thanksgiving.  Epic!
  • That means last week's total mileage was 36.2, which may be a distance record for me.  I haven't done the spreadsheet work to figure it out because
  • if this weekend's long runs actually materialize like they should, it would be a 40 mile week.  First time ever hitting 40 in one week.  Got to love ultra training.
  • Yesterday was our 14th wedding anniversary.  That's a long time, y'all.  And it's been a lot of fun.
I'm the lucky one

  • Evil Genius is learning to read for reals now.  Kelley tried to get her to read the number 19, and she read it ninety-one.  When instructed to reverse it, she said it was one-dy nine.
  • The CSA is pretty cool, but the volume is a touch low, and we're not finding enough stuff to do with some of the food that we're getting.  It's still a good thing, and we're going to do the summer CSA too.
  • Did you know blogger won't let you put a pic inline with a bulleted list?
smallest butternut squash ever

  • strange.
  • There is an office supply store near the house that occaisionally puts used furniture out for free pickup.  Bigun needs a desk to do homework on, and a really decent one showed up last weekend.  I saw it on my run Saturday, and we went back in the station wagon to pick it up. 
  • The craziest part about that is that Kelley and I actually got it, loaded it into the wagon, rearranged the kids bedroom and got the desk inside the house, then inside the bedroom all by ourselves.  That desk is really heavy.  Now another attempt at funny pictures.

Like a boss!

  • I was recently contacted by Nairn's to sample some of their cookies.  Now I'm not known as a man who turns down free cookies.  They sent me two boxes.  They were fabulous.

  • You can buy your own at Whole Foods, I will be buying more later.  These are tasty and pretty healthy.  With all of the vegan and high carb & fiber stuff I've been posting about these cookies fit right in.  I know they come in a box, but they are so tasty I don't care.  I'm on a real ginger kick to prevent inflamation during recovery and these guys deliver.  Go get some Nairn's!
  • and now I will be the last person on the face of 'Merica to post Halloween pics about their kids.
All four kids.  Harry Potter and his Owl, Evil Genius was Cinderella, and Bigun was a mremaid

During trick or treating

Pumpkin carving with Kelley's dad

Hanging in there!  that's a lot of pumpkins y'all.

  • Seriously, go find some of those cookies.  Nairn's FTW!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Love the Halloween pics! The kids all look great! I especially love the harry potter costume! Too cute.

Nice work on the training! Now you can really eat guilt-free on Thanksgiving. ;) I, on the other hand, will have to exercise some restraint as I am not running as many miles these days...

Diana said...

Awesome job on the runs!

Pretty nice chair sitting on the side of the road! I'm surprised it didn't get snatched up faster than when you picked it up. Free stuff along the side of any road is usually gone in the blink of an eye!

Kenley said...

That's a lot of running. Congratulations on the sub 37 5 miler. Free stuff is always good and that desk does look pretty heavy. Take care. I know I can't wait till next week to be in my home state of NC for Thanksgiving. Take care.

Amber said...

That desk looks nice in Bigun's room! I can't believe how much she's grown since I started reading your blog!

Happy anniversary to you and Kelley!!

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

WOW, that is a really fast 10 mile run! You are really getting speedy!

Alisa said...

eleventy-million...that's an Amy word :).

Cute halloween photos. We carved pumpkins but did not end up dressing up for any parties this year...fine by me, I'm not a huge fan of halloween I love thanksgiving!

PS Still looking strong and fast with the run paces.

Colleen said...

Crazy lots of stuff going on in your world... all awesome!

Congrats on all the running. Feels good, doesn't it? And you haven't lost your speed. That's awesome.

Your kids are great!