Friday, August 26, 2011

Oh My

Earthquakes, tornado's and hurricane's? oh my.

We've seen it all here in NC this week. Tuesday when the earthquake hit VA, we were at the eye doctor. We were just in the waiting room and saw the plants and filing cabinets rattle. I think it's much funnier to claim that my eyes were fully dilated and I was trying to read the smallest line on the eye chart while the walls were shaking. Ha! It's pretty cool to feel the ground shake, especially since it was small and didn't seem to do any real damage here. And really the good news is that my prescription for contacts hasn't changed and my eyes are in really good shape. I did get to order 2 more years of contacts - love having vision insurance.

There was a report of tornado's that touched down on the NC coastline, I think around Wilmington. Again, I'm sure it was not very severe or caused much damage or it would have been a bigger story.

And of course tomorrow we're getting the visit from cousin Irene. That drunk bitch is going to get sloppy 'round these parts. It's actually going to stay more east of Raleigh, and tear up the coast pretty good. We've got plenty of friends on the coast, and I hope they are smart enough to come visit us instead of riding it out in their own houses. Raleigh is supposed to get some 50+ mph winds and about 2" of rain on saturday, so I'm thinking about moving my long bike ride indoors.

This week has been pretty good for training. Including the 13 mile run in Tybee last saturday, I ran 31 miles in 5 days, biked 48 miles, and got in one helluva 3700 m swim yesterday. I actually blew off my interval run yesterday to go out to lunch with a friend, and ended up doing sprints in the pool that night instead! I think the coach is trying to kill me. 2000m warmup and drill set, followed by a descending 28 x 50 m sprints and a 300m cool down. insane.

Found an awesome article yesterday online that I wanted to pass on a link. If you're thinking this triathlon thing is easy, think again.

Have a great weekend! Good luck if you're hitting IM Louisville.


Alecia said...

My family has been calling and asking about Irene. I haven't even been checking the weather.

Wes said...

just read that she is dying out a bit. good thing!

Sophie @ threetimesf said...

Glad to hear you are so relaxed about Irene! I'm sure I would be terrified, but that's probably something to do with ebing British and relaly having no idea about these things!
Great week with the training - well done!
Have a fun weekend :)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

It was quite the weather week for you east coasters!! Glad you are all safe and ok. I was sort of oblivious to it all because my cable wasn't working and I don't read the paper. Twitter sort of kept me up to date on the situation, though. ;)