Wednesday, August 3, 2011

July was hot hot hot!

July's totals:

Swim: 16,400 meters - 5 pool 2 open water races
Bike: 452.5 miles - 16 rides no bike races
Run: 93 miles - 15 runs 1 race
Strength: 3 workouts
Stretch: 3 yoga's

Shut the front door! That's a lot of time on the bike. I knew this ironman training plan was pretty bike heavy, but that's more than I really wanted. That's nearly double the normal bike workload while keeping the running time near the 100 mile target? I've also fallen into a regular pattern of swim workouts with the RAM team so my swim mileage is up there pretty high too. We have a new evening coach that I absolutely love, so that makes it easy to hit those practice times.

The first race of the month was the second Aquathon where I got sand in my running shoes and wore all those blisters on my feet. I still have scabs from those. Then the Big Deuce came up, and a 2 mile swim in open water is no joke. So no bike races in July, and I still put up 450+ miles? That's insane. Bananas!

I spent a lot of time indoors in July too. It was over 100* outside for most of the month, it felt like. That's unusual even for the Deep South. I'm so ready for it to cool off. Bigun is enjoying first grade and Evil Genius is about to start the 4k program in September, and it's still too hot for them to play outside. So they are cooped up in the house all day watching way to much TV. At the same time, I'm still struggling to deal with the death of my old friend Jeff, and it's making me more hesitant to get out on the road. We have to be so careful out there - get a Road ID!

August? Unfortunately, I have to skip the final aquathon tonight thanks to a work function. The race schedule as a whole is starting to peter down. August has the Lake Logan oly this weekend and the BikeFest Century next weekend, but after that all I have left is the OBX half iron in september and IMFL in November. So now that I'm in the "competitive" phase of the training plan I get to stop competing. Funny how that works out. But most of the race distances are shorter than what the training plan calls for anyway, so it's the right move to make. We're going to have lots more of this heat in August, but it should be a really fun month!


Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

Look at that mileage! Wowie! That is intense, especially the swimming mileage - good for you though.

So sorry about your friend. How tragic :(

Al's CL Reviews said...

I have put the Road ID on my Christmas List. I'm sorry it took your tragedy for me to do this.

You have some impressive mileage!

Alecia said...

Crazy mileage. I agree, it is way too hot and my children are also watching way too much TV.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Again, I am so sorry for the loss of your friend. How scary...

That mileage is freaking impressive. You are a machine dude. Esp the biking!!

Colleen said...

Just got my new RoadID in the mail last week!

Great job in July... you put lots of time in all three disciplines and it will continue to pay off!

Good luck this weekend!

Wes said...

you are doing a lot more training than I ever did for both of my IMs. You are gonna crush it! keep it even keeled!