Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I Love Riding those Fat Bastards

Yesterday's MMNW:

Last week: 181.4 lbs, 19.8% body fat, 35.9 lbs of body fat
This week: 180.8 lbs, 19.6%, 35.4 lbs of body fat

So it was a total of 0.6 lbs (small) but it was all body fat. I like that. Especially after the race this weekend.

I'm glad I did this race, but I'm not going to do it again. It was 35 degrees and raining hard at the start. We got there 30 minutes before the gun went off so we were soaked. The race was supposed to be run 2 miles to the krispy kreme, eat a dozen doughnuts, and run 2 miles back, in under an hour.

The gun went off, and there was a timing split at the start line so the crowds at the start were ok. Once I cleared, the 2.4 miles (yes they lied about the distance) to the KK went by fast. Not as fast as I wanted, the roads were very crowded. I passed at least 300 people getting there. I got started behind some slow people.

The hardest part was actually eating the dozen doughnuts. I smushed down 3 at a time, and started chewing. Take big bites, swallow fast. Got the first three down.

The doughnut area was starting to get a few more people in it now. Hog down 3 more of those things, and now it's really getting crowded. Halfway done. Now there's a bunch of people in there, it's getting crowded. I've stopped breathing hard after the run, stopped sweating. I know I was crushing a 7:xx pace for the 2.4 miles to get in there.

Now I was just standing in the rain in the middle of a road in downtown Raleigh freezing my balls off trying to stuff down the last 3 doughnuts. The race had 7500 people in it, so they cooked 7500 dozen nuts. That meant mine were cold and stale to begin with. I got in early enough to grab from the first table. So this was pretty miserable.

I had to show the empty box to the guy guarding the Challenger chute, got cleared and got a timing split. 33 minutes. That means it took just as long to eat the doughnuts as it did to run the 2.4 miles to get there! The non-challengers could just grab the box and run, but most people would stop to eat one doughnut at least. That means that the 300 people I passed out of the starting gate? Guess how many of them didn't eat the dozen?

I'm guessing all of them. I didn't want to push the pace too fast going back to the finish line. After taking in 2400 calories and 120 g of fat in 15ish minutes, I didn't feel like puking on the way back. I still passed those dang 300 people again. Running slow and carrying a box of nuts? Get out of my way!

My original plan was to hit the 2 miles around 7 minutes each, down the nuts in 5 minutes or less, and hit 8 minute miles on the way back, you know taking it easier. Should put me finishing within around 35 minutes. Breaking 35 minutes would have put me in 12th place overall. Instead, I finished in 680th place in 52:27 out of 2262 finishers in the Challenger division. Puts me just inside the top 30% of all the finishers. The challenge was to eat the whole dozen and finish inside of an hour, so I did complete the challenge. Also (not that the non-eaters should count in the challenger standings) I finished 930th out of 3385 male finishers, which is still inside of 30%. I can dig it. But the weather was horrible, the course was long (by .8 miles? really?), crowded and slow, the eating was tough. Overall, I'm glad I did it once but it was pretty miserable.

Really, that afternoon I got to find out what it feels like to eat a dozen doughnuts for breakfast, and that was pretty miserable too.

New Pet:

Then, we picked up this guy from the pound....

He is a male orange middle-hair cat. About 12 pounds, he's a hefty sucker. The kids named him Blossom. Yes it's a girls name for a boy cat. I'm just glad I'm not the only guy in the house anymore.

Generally, I choose the path of least responsibility. So adding a pet is a new set of responsibilities. That's a bad thing. But this cat is really chilled. He keeps to himself unless you want him sitting in your lap and isn't very needy. I can get along with that.

Why the titles?

I had enough people asking about the post title from the last post Transvestites Have the Best Cupcakes, so I wanted to explain my theory. I'm trying to comment on more blogs now, and more of them are showing up like this:

So I thought if I used funny titles that had absolutely nothing to do with the post itself, they would show up as my last post when I was commenting. That makes me laugh. So it's completely obscure, and completely selfish. I just think it's funny to be random like that.

Finally, a meme:

Amanda tagged me with a Stylish Blogger award. Visit her if you don't regularly read, she's quite awesome. The task is to link back to the person who tagged you, share 7 things about yourself, tag 7 more bloggers, and tell them about it. It's stylish, so here goes nothing.

1. I claim to be quite stylish. I know most of the pics on here I'm either shirtless (now hawt!) or in workout clothes (also hawt!). But, in terms of the regular street clothes that don't show up very often here, I know and love my designers. The all time fav has to be Kenneth Cole. His shirts are usually very slim cut, so I'm looking forward to being able to wear more of them this summer. I totally queen out over a KC store.

2. I rock the workplace. My supervisor's boss pulled me into a side room the other day and told me I was absolutely the fucking rock star on our team (his words!). I was very excited about this. My job is just as a software developer; I sit in a cube and write code every day.

3. I hate long sleeve t-shirts. Really, what's the point? The office is very casual, so most days I wear t-shirts and race shirts with jeans into the office. In the summertime it's shorts and flip-flops. Yes, that directly violates thing #1, but being comfortable is worth it. You get used to it, and you would make the same choice if you could. But you can't put anything like a sweater or overshirt on top of a long sleeve t-shirt, so they suck.

4. I curse like a sailor. My college summers were spent working in landscaping, with real salt-of-the-earth people. I loved it. But I also picked up those habits, and have to be very careful about my public presentation. Sometimes people laugh the first time they hear me curse because it's such a surprise. I say fuck that.

5. When I was very young, my dad's parents took me and (I think) my brother Michael to the circus. I remember he (the Original John Flynn) bought some cotton candy and convinced me that his tounge was at least a foot long so he could lick the very bottom of the tube the cotton candy came in. I totally believed him, and thought my tounge would be really long when I grew up too. Before I turned six years old, he died of a heart attack. It's the only memory I have of him, really. Well, there was one other time when we cut the grass at his office. so two memories. But he's been on my mind a lot lately.

6. My mom's dad bought a farm after he retired. He grew several vegetable and flower gardens, had three fishing ponds, and hunted some on his 22 acres. He also grew muscadines. That farm plus my landscaping jobs in college is why I love to keep a good garden and vineyard going today. My mother still has a good garden too (bigger than mine!), and we love to garden together.

7. I'm 35 years old and still have both of my grandmothers. I know this is rare, they are 86 and 90 years old now, and they both know their great-grandkids. I know that I am blessed to still have them as a part of my life, and they won't be here forever.

Ok, that might not be the most stylish list, but it's heartfelt. Consider yourself tagged if you haven't been tagged already. I got to call it a night. have a great week!


Unknown said...

The KK Challenge kind of sounds like a downer - at least the doughnuts needs to be fresh. Great job finishing when you did though... you did great!

The cat's cute. We have a girl dog, named Charlie... they don't know the difference! :)

Dee Dee said...

Thanks for sharing about the KK challange! I have been wanting to do this one for a while. I do think however with the weather I might have bagged that one.

Amanda said...

Ive heard about the kk challenge and always thought it sounded miserable! did you prep with starvation? You're getting really fast!

thanks for indulging me! i love learning stuff about people.

Georgia Snail said...

KK just makes me feel ill thinking about it...more power to you for finishing the challenge...now you don't ever have to do it again...I'd rather run a hundy than try and down a dzn KK's....

Sun Runner said...

Cats are ultra-low-maintenance, a great thing. Just brush him sometimes to keep his fur tidy and you're golden!

The more you talk about it, the less I feel a need to ever do a Krispy Kreme Challenge of my own. Ugh.

Amy said...

I, too, love KC. AND, I have men's shoes on yesterday's Shoesday. Check it out if you haven't already.

Anyways - congrats on doing the KK challenge. I couldn't do that. BARF!

Also, again, so impressed with the speediness!

Anonymous said...

So were those people holding a box of your nuts that froze off? Just kidding! Great job on the race!

May have peed in my pants a little when you said you queen out of KC stores. I'm a huge fan of KC Reaction and my children have some KC Reaction clothes. Holla! It can get expensive so I don't do it often. My hubby is very simple when it comes to clothes so I take up the slack for the both us!

carrie said...

How did you get so fast?? No, seriously??

SteveQ said...

I alternate between boring titles and odd ones (when I can't think of an appropriate one). My fave is still "Underpants of the Pleistocene." It does tend to bring more traffic to my blog. "Joke" or "Nude" or "#$%&*" in the title works really well.

SteveQ said...

And "Giveaway" brings hordes.

healthy ashley said...

Can't believe you did the doughnut challenge! I'd much prefer to sit down and enjoy my sweets :)

Your MMNW inspires me!

Badgergirl said...

Stale donuts? Disappointing. But great job finishing the race like you did!