Friday, August 28, 2009

I'm sore?

First, sorry bout the whiny post yesterday. In my defense, I checked the horoscope at the end of the day and found:

August 26 could turn out to be quite difficult, due to Mars in ..., so we have to anticipate problems. For you, a partner or ex-partner will be much too forceful, asking you to accept certain terms or a way of dealing with an issue, but in a highly unfair way. This person won't be easily deflected. This would be no day for a negotiation..., making for a very nerve-wracking time.

So it seems it was going to be a stressful day no matter what I did. And yes, wednesday 8/26 was just as stressful as what I wrote on Thursday. Thurs did not turn out to be any better, really. However, I did knock off of work slightly early (6:20 instead of 6:30) and get a run in. It was so nice to leave the gym at 8:30 instead of leaving the house to go to the gym at 8:30! I ran 5 miles at a nice pace right around 9 minute miles. I pushed it like you should for a good tempo run, but the speed just wasn't there last night. slowed it down to long run pace and felt like I could go on forever.

Stopped after 5 miles instead of planned 6 miles so I could get out of there in time to hang with Morgan some. We enjoyed many beers and hung out watching football for quite a while.

But then today my legs are sore? I knew only one run in the last 2 weeks was going to leave me picking up the pieces a little bit. Maybe I would be slower than expected, or maybe not have quite the endurance I was looking for. but I certainly didn't expect sore leg muscles. I've lost a little flexibility in the last couple of weeks too. Got to do more yoga.

Have a great weekend, and good luck if you're doing Ironman Louisville tomorrow. There are so many people to track!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Isn't is interesting how you can work and work and work at something for every day, every week, for a span of weeks/months. But then you take a little bit of time off from running and your muscles lose their 'memory' or something? Super annoying.

My quads have been killing me on my runs lately. No idea why. This has never happened to me!

Enjoy your weekend!

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

I need to do more yoga too! Have a good weekend. Hopefully it will be better than your week. :-)

Alisa said...

You got back on the horse that's what counts!

I'm sore this week too, especially my arms from my return to weights and the pool!

Runner Tammy said...

Hey maybe the soreness is catching. This past Wednesday, I could barely move my legs and all my co-workers were commenting on how I was limping.

A few even suggested I perhaps was overdoing it! Well, I started justifying my limping by blaming my tri on Sunday (and the fact that I hadn't biked for about 10 weeks prior to this:-) I thought after 10 weeks for sure I would still have muscle memory (oh yeah and I thought my ultra's would help, grr)

Hope your soreness goes away soon!

sarah said...

Horoscopes can bee creepily right sometimes.

Keep up the good work.

Mel-2nd Chances said...

just catching up, sorry you're going through a rough patch... but you're still kickin' butt. take care.

teacherwoman said...

Just be thankful you are running.... pain free! Unlike some people.

Have a great weekend, dude!

joyRuN said...

That runs sounds awesome if you felt like you could keep going forevah! I haven't had one of those in a loongg time.