Friday, June 19, 2009

Big Ups

The official marathon results are finally posted. here's my official line stats

128th place out of 211 finishers
half mary split was 2:18:34 which is 3+ minutes faster than my half PR on a tougher course
full time 5:07:48, same as the garmin
11:45 per mile pace
Men 30 - 34 age group, 10th place out of 12 men

The first scary thing is that there were over 250 people that started the full marathon, so a minimum 39 people were unable to finish, or about 16% of the starters had to be pulled off of the course. I've never seen a race where more than 1% of the starters had to be pulled. Even my oly tri 2 weeks ago had 450 starting and less than 10 people didn't finish. So I guess the course was more difficult than I was anticipating. Second, with so few finishers it puts a full 60% of the field ahead of me. I was hoping enough people finished to put me in the top half. oh well.

Even going back to my days on the high school track team, I have never ever beaten anyone in my classification at a running event. So suck it, Patrick Cash and Larryu Croaff, you have the distinct honor of being the first people ever to eat my dust. This is very cool, I actually beat out 2 other people in my age group!

Yesterday Bigun came downstairs and announced to me while I was working that she would spend the rest of the afternoon completely nude in the king sized bed in the guest room, watching tv, drinking apple juice and eating a moon pie. I told her that one day she would find a man in a trailer park, and make him very happy.

Tomorrow we're having her birthday party, so I'll post lots of pics on monday. She's turning 4 on the 24th (next wednesday), but we're having the party tomorrow so people can come in from out of town. It's going to be great fun, having an outdoor birthday party with lots of kids when it's 98 degrees outside and a 30% chance of thunderstorms. Oh, and I still have a very vulnerable garden that needs weeding, and I still haven't cut up that tree what snapped in half last week. So I need about 3 days off from work to get ready and it's tomorrow. and i still have to work today. Well, we'll just have to see what happens. I'm sure the party will be fun no matter what.

Good luck to Dr Nic and Carrie running Grandma's marathon in MN this weekend. I can't wait to see how they do. Dr Nic is trying to break 3 hours, and I think he's got it in the bag. All of us runners have destination races that they would love to run one day if they could, and Grandma's Marathon and the Flying Pig are on my list. So I'm certainly going to live vicariously through those guys this weekend.

And big ups to my girl Run Bitch Run who is going to turn iron this weekend at Cour d'Alene in Idaho. I know Stacey is going to be incredible out there sunday. She's worried about beating the cutoff times, but I think she's got it in the bag. She's a huge inspiration to us all, and I can't wait to track her results and watch her plow through the course.

So have a great weekend! We're going to be busy, and it's going to be fun.


Lauren P said...

Frequent stalker, first time commenter. I ran the Half Flying Piggy and my hubby ran the whole marathon in 2006. Fabulous race! We like Cincy anyway since we have family there, but the race director and all his peeps put on a great race, from the expo to the finish line food. I will definitely do this one again! (It is rather hilly though.)

Mel-2nd Chances said...

LMAO at Bigun's announcement and your reply. :D Congrats again on being part of the percentage that finished, and not in the percentage that I fell into. Have a great weekend!

Alisa said...

I'm afriad of small races for fear that I might be last =). Way to go beating those two chumps in your age group!

I agree RBR is such an inspiring althete, she's going to do great.

Ashley said...

HUGE props for FINISHING in such conditions and still being in the middle of the pack! Just a week earlier you did an oly tri and you still kicked ass in your marathon - you rock!!

Jess said...

That's a really small race! I personally dislike such a small participating field because I'm always scared of coming in at the end. I like a crowd where I can be sure to be somewhere in the middle.

Of course, it also sucks to be part of too large a crowd. Like the Chicago Marathon, where it took a solid 30 minutes to even cross the start line.

Wes said...

Have a good weekend!

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Congrats on beating two AG guys!

Bigun is aspiring to be Trailer Trash! That is priceless.

Those'd be YOUR genes showing through, CJ.

Girl on Top said...

LOL Your little girl is so cute!

Sarah said...

Bigun has it figured out! Sounds like the perfect day to me :)

Congrats on your race time!! Like Alisa, I'd freak out running in a race with so few people. Good job!!

Missy said...

Baaahahahaha...I would like to lay in MY kind sized bed naked, watching TV, eating moon pies and drinking apple juice. What thee HELL is wrong with that?

Congrats again and you were NOT DFL!

tfh said...

Maybe you're no longer in the top half, but I think the fact that so many people dropped out entirely sounds even better. Only the toughest stuck it out. And only the toughest of those ended up in a hospital. ;)

Have a great weekend and hope Bigun's party is fun; her announcement made me giggle.

joyRuN said...

Have a great 4th bday party for Bigun! Sounds like you have your hands full with those two ;)

Jenny said...

oh, my! between bigun and EG, you've got your hands full! have fun tomorrow with the party.

(and yay! that you weren't last in your group :o)

teacherwoman said...

I am still impressed with you finishing in those nasty conditions.

Ryan said...

Awesome job on finishing your Marathon, that is quite an accomplishment!

Amanda said...

Lol at the nude moon-pie eating:) Way to smoke those 2 guys in your age group!