Tuesday, May 26, 2009

After a really horrible saturday night, Sunday afternoon I .....

.... shot myself in the face.


I wanted to shoot myself in the face. ACTUALLY, I ran

20 miles on the treadmill.

it's as good as a shot to the face.

My splits looked pretty good, actually. Plan was to break it down into five mile blocks to reset the counters.

5 miles, 45:13
5 miles, 49:04
5 miles, 55:38
2.5 miles, 29:39
2.5 miles, 34:48
Total 20 miles, 3:34:22 which is not too shabby. I mean, it ain't super speedy, but I am pleased.

The first 10 or 12 miles felt pretty good. I held a steady pace, everything was comfortable. About 16 miles in I knew that last block wasn't going to make it inside of the 60 minute time limit on the treadmill. The right knee was starting to act up some, my feet were killing me, the normal stuff that creeps in after that distance. Still, 20 mile run DONE!

What a monday!

Today (yes, I know it's tuesday) I came back to work with one crappy monday. Slammed out some software to fix a few things before anyone else knew it was broken. Hectic stressful days are no fun.

Great long weekend

I did enjoy the time off though. I got to get some stuff taken care of in the garden and the yard, got all of the baby stuff moved into a storage unit for my brother, whenever he needs it. and I didn't work. awesome. dang, the monday work crap has reduced me to incomplete sentences.

Here's this weekend's harvest from the garden: strawberries and peas

Really horrible part of the long weekend

We did have a really scary moment though. Skip the next 2 paragraphs if you don't like knowing scary things. Kelley took Bigun to a birthday party for one of the other kids in her kindergarten class. First of all, who thinks it's a good idea to throw a pool party for a kid where nobody at the party will know how to swim? the party was at a backyard pool, and 4 year olds don't know how to swim. none of them did. So when the party moved away from the pool to open presents, somebody's little brother jumped into the deep end and nobody saw it. maybe 30 adults at the party and nobody saw it. After the first present was opened, somebody finally saw the kid, dove in and got him. Somebody else called 911. Somebody else knew CPR, and got the boy breathing again before the ambulance got there. Kelley wanted to leave, but nobody was on the street to alert the ambulance where to go. So she waved in the ambulance. We got a phone call yesterday to let us know that the boy is fine. He's only two and a half years old, and he remembers jumping in, so he wasn't pushed or fell. He jumped. Both of his parents were there, and they brought all four of their kids to the party. it's haunting.

Now I've long contended that South Carolina is filled with dumbasses. But only ONE out of 30 adults there knew CPR. If you don't know it, take a class. You never know when you might need it. I learned CPR when I was a boy scout. But I was keeping Evil Genius at home while Kelley took Bigun to the party. Kelley never learned it, so we're taking a class next week. And Bigun is going to take swimming lessons this summer. They say age 3 - 5 is the earliest time to start learning, and I taught her some swimming last summer. but thanks to that party, Kelley is now scared for us to go visit my folks (15 minutes away) because they have a backyard pool. Life is fragile and kids are stupid until we teach them otherise. One out of 30 adults knowing CPR is unexpected. It should be more than that. And kids can do things quickly and quietly to put themselves in a lot of danger. So keep your eyes open. And TAKE A CPR CLASS IF YOU DON'T KNOW IT!

End of scary rant. I'm freaked, kelley's a basket case.

So sunday's run ended up being fairly theraputic, and I really enjoyed getting medicated and stuffing my face afterwards. Monday was uneventful.

have a great week! I'm glad there's only 4 days left.


Alisa said...

I did a 20 miler on the treadmill once. It wasn't that bad BUT kinda boring!

As for the CPR, I completely agree, everyone should learn. I was a life guard and swim instructor for many years, it's second nature to me, even now. Once you learn it, it's one of those things you don't forget.

P.O.M. said...

Wow, that is so scary - on many levels (the kid and the adults not knowing CPR). I've been certified a few times, but let it run out. But I still know it. Actually, I corrected the teacher in the last cert I took. Yes, I am that annoying girl. Now, here's another scary thing - would I remember it and be calm in the event of a real emergancy or would I freak? I THINK I would be calm. I stopped at a car accident and pulled a chick out of her upside down car. But she was a woman, not a kid. I might freak if it was a kid.

Missy said...

20 miler!?!?!?! WTF were you thinking! Holy crap, you get a prize...a big prize!

What a terrible story! They teach ISR swim survival to babies round these parts. I've seen it in action. I say, never too early and I mean they take them at 6 months, it's wild to watch. (Controversial but...?)

sarah said...

20 miles?! You rock.

That is super scary!!

Amber said...

20 miles on the treadmill is pretty much the equivalent to shooting yourself in the face hey.

As a lifeguard/swim instructor, here's my scary rant (not at you, just ppl in general):

LEARN CPR AND TEACH YOUR KIDS HOW TO SWIM. Do you know how many TWELVE year old kids I had that couldn't put their face in the water? And their parents wouldn't make them! Take your kids to the pool lots when they are young, get them comfortable in the water and if you are near a pool with a deep end or even a pool wehre the kid can't touch the bottom put a freaking lifejacket on them!!

That is just SO, SO scary. Thank god he's OK!

Jenny said...

AMEN on the CPR certs! if you have a kid, you should know it. if you DON'T have a kid, you should still know it! first aid, too!

great job on the run--too bad it was on the tread mill and not around furman with nice scenery, though :o)

hebba said...

20 miles on a treadmill? ugh!! That story was soo scary. I'm glad the little boy is ok.

Sun Runner said...

I think you're my new hero. 20 miles on a treadmill? That's just insane. Yes, I just ran a marathon, but I don't think I could ever run 20 miles on a treadmill.

Wes said...

I spent my kid's childhood never letting them out of my sight, for good reason. Most of my kids were fish by the time they were four. Took'em to the pool every day during the summer, and eventually, they just start swimming.

Great job on the 20 miler. You have some severe mental toughness...

carrie said...

20 on a treadmill is nothing short of sadistic.

I used to teach a "safe sitters" class and they learned both CPR and rescue breathing. It was an awesome thing to see 15 kids, age 11 to 14 demonstrating CPR to their parents at the "graduation" ceremony. Makes me hopeful they will become the 1 out of 30 adults who could hadnle an emergency.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Considering how that story could have turned out, everyone was pretty lucky. I don't blame Kelley for freaking. I'd be freaking, too.

How could a kid jump in a pool and no one out of 30 adults sees it? I mean, okay, they didn't all take CPR - but they all have eyes and ears, right?

Sweet Baby Jebus!

Good job on the 20-miler.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I found your blog through Amber's - good luck w/ your training. I can't believe you did your 20 miler on the treadmill!! Props to you! I can't handle doing more that 6-7 miles on one!!

Marcy said...

OMG that's crazy! (the 20 miler LOL)

Thank God that kid is alright. That is one crazy lesson to be learned. We're def putting the kids into swimming lessons this year as well.

healthy ashley said...

How scary about the boy in the pool. I forgot CPR but have to get re-certified for the PT certification. Really I think it's something everyone should know just to be on the safe side.

Your produce looks fantastic! I can't wait to have a garden one day!

20 miles on a treadmill? Crazy! Heck, running 20 miles is just crazy anyway!