Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I have nothing positive to report today. It's why I haven't posted since thursday. It's been incredibly hectic and downright depressing. I still don't feel right. Since missing the marathon with the flu, the flu symptoms have mostly gone, but something else is still not right. I'm going to the doctor tomorrow and hopefully he will be able to figure it out. But I can't seem to get the body feeling right. Some mornings I wake up with a fever. Last night I was awake and turning from 1:30 to 3:30 am. Yesterday i couldn't finish my breakfast, today I'm still hungry. There is nasea all over the place. Most of the time, I have no appetite and no energy. Tri training season started yesterday, so this is not cool and needs to go away soon. I need my fuel back, my energy back, so I can get into the workout routine. Or do you think it's the other way around? if I can get in a workout, the body will feel better? It's been this way for almost 2 weeks now, and it's driving me crazy.

Thursday night we got to visit Ben and the new baby in the hospital. I called him Barry, and you should have seen how red mom's face got! Here's the new little one, he is soooo cute!

So back to friday. We made it up to the mountains after work, and it was only about 18 degrees outside. Cranked up the heat in the house and it got comfy in a couple of hours. I was pleasantly suprised, the water remediation folks had left dehumidifiers running that had taken care of the moisture problem. no moldy smell, no rotten holes in the floor, etc. It could have been a lot worse. We hung out for a while and crashed.

Saturday we got the U-Haul after some breakfast, packed everything up and it went quicker than expected. met with the new tenant some, and were back on the road. I did climb the hill above the house and get a pic. We couldn't have asked for a better day!

You can see the house and the view from there. We share a driveway with the neighbor, and this new tenant is a friend of the neighbor. After talking with him, I think one of these guys will end up buying this house from us. Awesome! If you would want to buy it, see more at http://www.booneinv.com/, one of my other sites.

We made it home and unpacked the U-Haul saturday. Most of the stuff ended up in the garage or in my office. We're still trying to get everything settled and unpacked. That left Sunday as "get-it-all-done" day. More stuff didn't get done than did get done. I did get some things unpacked. Bigun found some funny bedroom slippers and started wearing them. She still won't take them off:

it's too funny! She loves those giant things. But up in the cold mountains those slippers were oversized, warm, and comfortable in the cold. My plan was to unpack, settle furniture, pay bills, get the tax stuff ready for the accountant, plant the grapes and berries (my Ison's order came in on thursday) because you're supposed to put the live plants in the ground within 24 hours. It's also time to get the tomato and pepper seeds started in the seed flats. I did get the unpacking and furniture done. I did get 2 posts in the ground for the grape trellis. I still have one more post to go, and wiring up the trellis. Plus clear and prep the bed for the 7 blueberry and 2 boysenberry bushes I ordered. I'm about to panic now it's been too long and I need to get those plants in the ground before $100 worth of fruits die in my office. I'm also sick of not having the tax stuff to the accountant. after getting 2 posts in the ground, I thought I was going to fall over with fatigue. last year i sunk 3 posts and bed prep all in one day. I'm sick of being sick.

I have found a FIRST training plan for my hillbilly marathon. I still need to plug those numbers into the spreadsheet. But I really think it's going to work out well. i'm still trying to find swim and bike numbers for an oly tri to fill in that part. And if I ever start feeling better, I will finally start the tri-power program. I should have started that yesterday too. And I didn't do the assessments on friday like I was supposed to.

So keep your chin up, I'm trying to do the same. I might be a little depressed after missing the MB marathon. All of these other symptoms could be psycho-sematic offshoots of that. Or it could be mono, or just something bacterial. Whatever it is, I'm ready to feel normal again.


Wes said...

Dooood, you didn't call the baby, Barry? LOL... Love the pic of the little girl in the shoes. That is classic! Hope you are back to 100% soon!

p.s. I didn't even make the trip to Furman last weekend. Loss all around :-(

Marcy said...

Oooooooohhh the baby is so sweet. This does not help my biological clock LOL. Seriously I must have issues to even think of another one *sigh*

Amber said...

I felt the same way when I was getting over the flu, it usually makes me feel better to get a good sweat session in.. Maybe try a light workout and if it really doesn't help then there's probably something more wrong. Hopefully it's not mono, that would be horrible!

Adorable Girlfriend said...

I hope you feel better soon. I am elated to hear that you are going to the doctor to have a frank discussion and see what's going on.

The baby is sooo cute. Mazel Tov again.

And that little one of yours -- so precious!

the gazelle said...

I'm sorry you're still not feeling well. That is sucktastic! I hope the doc is able to get to the root of the matter.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Hey, CJ - when you still have that many symptoms, brother, you still have the flu.

Good call on bringing a sawbones into the picture.

There's something about a little kid in oversized footwear that just cracks me up!

She's a cutie!

Since you're sick, why don't yo indulge in a pint of cookie dough Häagen-Dazs - straight from the carton - and watch a SitC marathon, you GIRL!1!

Feel better brother!

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

I mean SatC (Sex AND the City).

How would I know?

I'm not a GIRL!!1!

Mike G said...

Don't be too hard on yourself. Sometimes you just need a break. Keep running and writing, I like this blog.

There's a half marathon in Raleigh on march 28th. It might be a good short term goal to aim for?

Alisa said...

Sometimes our bods just need a break. It took me awhile to recover from my illness. You'll be back out there!

Calyx Meredith said...

Donna just went to the doctor after weeks of not being able to shake the bug and she was told to expect the fatigue to last for a while! Hope you are feeling better soon. (Although I can't believe your sister-in-law let you near her precious new baby as sick as you are! She is an easier going new mom than I was!)

Ryan said...

I think you might be pregnant!

Hey, its not impossible...maybe you got it from a public toilet seat. That's what I told an ex girlfriend once.

Sarah said...

hmmm. Pregnant for sure! Sorry you don't feel well still!! And I think your girl is totally rockin those slippers.

P.O.M. said...

Ahhhhhhhhhh - so have the same issues. Can't eat, but hungry, but nausious, but tired. What the heck is it??? Let us know what your doc says (then I will just use your diagnosis as my own). ha ah.

Note to self: need to have baby!!

hebba said...

Its always frustrating when you get sick and feel like you are behind in the training. Just focus on getting better!