Sunday, October 28, 2018

1 down 10 to go

Well my first class in the MBA program is in the books. No clue what my grade is yet, I'm just glad it's over. This class took a lot of time. I was still able to work in normal life stuff, and we did have a couple of hurricanes blow through that delayed the class by a couple of weeks. 7 weeks down, 70 weeks to go in this program. I really wish I had done this 10 years ago, it sucks trying to do it now. Plus I already know most of this stuff after 15 years working in management. It's not challenging or interesting, but at least it takes a lot of time.

So this first class (Management - Organizational Behavior) finished on Thursday and the next one (Accounting) starts on Monday. This free weekend I'm loving. But I got to get back on that grind tomorrow. In the meantime, there has been not much running, too much working, and plenty of this:

We do still have the cat

The kids got to go to a concert, here's Evil Genius

The concert was my brother Michael opening up for Jump, Little Children in downtown Raleigh

The beard is coming back

I'm working on the front porch project. Here are my architectural drawings

Digging a ditch for the foundation

The victim of hurricane Michael: the sawhorses holding up my boat

Flooding in the hurricane turned my ditch into a moat
Hurricane Florence came through, and it really wasn't a big deal in Raleigh. We didn't lose power or have any real damage. But it did take me a couple of afternoons picking up limbs and debris from the yard. Hurricane Michael 2 weeks later actually had more of an impact. Tons of rain and wind. I tried to finish the ditch for the porch before the storm hit, turns out I dug it about 8" too deep! I got the boat built up to a point then I've had to wait on supplies to come in. Like, I'm still trying to find the $800 for plywood and epoxy, so I decided to start up this porch project in the meantime. So the boat sat, covered, and the wind was so bad the sawhorses holding up the strongback collapsed. Well, 2 out of the 3 of them fell over. So I rebuilt them this weekend and got everything standing upright again.

Eventually I'm going to finish that thing off.

I've got the bricks and concrete blocks for the porch, and have the foundation poured now. Time to build it up, then floor it, then put up some stairs. Oh yea, and running. I need to do more of that. And I'm still trying to lose some weight, but the stress of grad school isn't helping that. Work just cleared a huge deadline too, so I'm looking forward to the holiday slow-down in the office.

So that's this chunk of life from down in NC!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Ugggggh to all the work that goes into getting an MBA. It's so much work. I used to love school but the MBA and CFA kind of killed my love of pursuing knowledge! I'm glad I did my MBA pre-kids, especially since it required so dang much group project work on the weekends. Bleh.

I'm glad that the hurricane didn't impact you guys too much!!

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