Monday, August 20, 2018

What else is going on

Since the surgery, I had to take plenty of time for recovery. It wasn't easy for me to not do anything; I don't deal well with idle hands. No training and don't lift anything heavier than 10 lbs really meant I was making a lot of dick jokes.

We had already planned on hosting a party for the 4th of July. The city of Raleigh moved the fireworks back to the State Fairgrounds this year, which is practically in our backyard. So we have a bunch of friends over, fill up one of my boats with beer and let what happens happen.

I hung an extra string of lights before the surgery

The little boat has kids drinks

That's proper

Good times with EG at the party
Only strange thing about the party was that it rained on us twice. After the first time, Kelley said if it rained again we were done with 4th of July parties. It rained again, so I guess this will be the last one. It was a blast, we had about 20 people over including a bunch of kids.

After that I had a birthday. 43 doesn't suck that much worse than 42 did, so far. I got a "rad dad" shirt

And the kids went back to school! When I started the blog right around 10 years ago, they were barely walking. Now they are starting 6th and 8th grade, and the last year we'll have to drive them both to the same school.

my middle schoolers
Next, I got a new tattoo! This one hurt like you wouldn't believe. Almost my most painful tattoo. I wanted it to look like something was buried under my cherry tree. I've had this "skull and rose on the ribs" idea for a long time, so I felt comfortable getting it done now so that I could let it heal while recovering from the surgery instead of running all the time or something.  It turned out really good, I think. The artist was slick and had a tender touch.

in the shop

My mom came for a quick visit while there was a quilting convention in town. This was her second trip to Raleigh this year, and we're always appreciative of the time we have together

Mom loved the patio

Kelley and I have really enjoyed it this summer

The kids have a great sense of humor with these things

Okra, beans, squash and zucchini!

The okra is taller than Kelley!
Finally the garden is really kicking this year. We've been getting more okra, squash, and zucchini than we can handle. Considering most years we don't get much of anything out of the garden this is really fun.

We've been having a great summer!

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I'm glad you are having a good summer despite dealing with recovery from surgery! My garden has really been producing as well. I canned a bunch of spaghetti sauce this weekend. It was nice to use of 25 lbs of tomatoes. I had them skinned and quartered in gallon bags in our freezer and we were really running out of room so it's nice to get them out of the freezer and into cans. It was a lot of work but I'll appreciate the hard work when we have yummy spaghetti sauce to enjoy all winter.

I can't believe how big your kids are. Where did the time go!!