Sunday, July 1, 2018

Family Update - more transitions

The first transition is actually something I simply forgot to mention last post. I traded in my sporty Audi convertible for another Volvo. Something feels wrong about that, but the Volvo is really nice.

Goodbye convertible, hello Volvo
The TT was really nice while I had it. The scary part about the Volvo is that it's the same model as Kelley's car, but one year newer and has 96k fewer miles on it. So when Ella starts driving in a couple of years, likely she will get Kelley's car and Kelley will take this one, then I can go back to another convertible. And I'm trying not to freak out about Ella driving in only a couple of years.

The kids both had their birthdays this year! I am so proud of the young women they are quickly growing into. These early teenage and preteen years are shaping their adult personalities and habits. It's fascinating for me to watch them develop like this.

Me with my youngest Evil Genius

Happy with her puppet

Ella the Eldest
This means they are both about ready to get back to middle school. ugh! Crazy times!

One funny thing - Kelley never transitions. She rolls with the seasons and never changes a bit. it's wild and I love it (and her)

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I can’t beliene Ella will be driving in just a few years. They are growing up so fast. I am reminding myself that time really does fly when you have kids. It’s harder to remember this right now because Paul is going through an awful sleep regression and is up every 2 hours most nights, sometimes more frequently. Ay yi yi. But this, too, shall pass.