Monday, June 12, 2017

Looking Back at May

Let's recap the weekends bullet stye just to see what's been going on around here:
  • 3/25 Tybee Island vacation, DNS Skidaway Island Marathon
  • 4/1 Umstead 100 weekend, DNS pacing
  • 4/8 Masters golf
  • 4/16 Easter
  • 4/23 Trap Pond 50k DNS
  • 4/29 Boone fraternity weekend
  • 5/7 Jordan Lake OWS
  • 5/13 Mothers Day
  • 5/21 solo in the church choir
  • 5/27 Boone for memorial day weekend
  • 6/2 Chattanooga OWS
  • 6/10 The Lion King in Greenville with all the family
  • 6/18 Fathers Day
That makes 13 weekends in a row with something major going on. 6 of those require travel out of town for the weekend, more if I had gone to Delaware for the Trap Pond 50k or visited our mothers for Mothers Day. Kind of a crazy schedule. I don't like to do much for the greeting card holidays, so even Fathers Day next weekend is hopefully going to be really low key.

May Totals:
Swim: 41,450 yards, 13 swims, 1 race
Bike: 13.8 miles, 2 rides
Run: 2 miles, 1 run
Strength: 2 times
Yoga: 2 times

20 workouts total, the 1 race I actually made was the Jordan Lake Open Water Challenge 1.2 mile swim. 41k in the water is a pretty strong month, my strongest in a while. I've really been enjoying swimming too, the coaches are really doing me right and I'm getting fast-ish again.

I was feeling good at the beginning of May, so I actually went out on a test run! 2 miles was all the physical therapist would allow. I tried to go out again a few days later but only made it to the end of the block before limping home. I'm going to try again for another 2 miler in June sometime. Pretty sure my fall marathons are all wrecked too at this point. I should have started training (with a 5 mile long run) back on 5/4. Foot still hurts consistently most days. I might get anywhere from an hour to a day of relief, but that's not enough for consistent marathon training.

I thought I was lifting more than that? oh well. Therapist wants me to do more yoga too.

Here's some pictures from May that tell the real story of the month:

The garden is planted! Tomatoes and peppers, oh my

Strength training pays off, check out that mad tricept

Evil Genius played Dr Seuss in a school function

Ghost pepper plant is getting big

The Garden is growing! But what is that project on the left?

I had a solo with the church choir one Sunday

Muscadines starting to grow

Family trip to Boone

and the month included somebody's birthday
 May was a fantastic month. There was a lot going on both athletically and with family stuff. Each one of those bullets I started with deserves its own post, so there's a few more coming. But this May was one for the books. So much fun stuff going on.


Amber said...

Holy crap that is a BUSY stretch of weekends!! Hope you have some restful weekends coming up in June! Your garden is amazing!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Whoa - that is a packed couple of months. Dang. I would be losing my mind if I was you. Sounds like you are handling the super busy schedule, though. I am sorry to hear that your foot is still bothering you, though. That is so frustrating. :( I hope that you get to the bottom of what is going on. It's good that you like to swim, though, as at least you can get lots of time in the pool and focus on swimming races.

April/May were super busy for us, too, with all the wedding festivities. It was awesome to relax and just spend time together in Maui. I needed those 9 days of relaxation with my favorite person! June has been so so in terms of being busy. I'm back at work and work has been busy and now we are entering quarter end which is the busiest time for us. But I'm trying to enjoy this season as it's so short for us in the midwest! And I start training for my September half this week and I also need to start to train for the triathlon I"m doing in August. It's just a sprint tri and I kind of doubt I will PR as I was in much better condition last time I raced a tri. But I'll see what I can do!