Friday, September 2, 2016

Goodbye Hell

August is OVER! I'm preaching the good word here, we don't have to worry about August again for another 334 days. This August was hot, humid, and overall terrible. September 2nd is only supposed to be 75* thanks to a hurricane that is blowing off of the coastline. That is all kinds of right.

Swim: 45,500y, 14 swims
Bike: zilch, as it should be
Run: 120.1 miles, 15 runs
Strength: 7 times
Yoga: 8 times

Wow, those are the kind of swim numbers I haven't seen since I was training for the 12 miler last year. And once again I am absolutely loving the water. Now that I have a job that lets me comfortably make the noon swim team practices, that makes all the difference in the world. I really love this job. And in the water I set a new PR of 1:08 for the 100 yard sprint! The volume is paying off. Loving it.

The entire 120 miles of running was done on the treadmill. Marathon training is going great. I'm able to go fast and long. I had a treadmill time trial half marathon where I set a PR of 1:42:14. Other than that, I've just been following the plan and getting ready for marathon season.

Speaking of that, one of the most depressing parts about August is that I had absolutely nothing to look forward to. No races, no trail running, no time outdoors. Nothing but crushing depression, cynicism about our political corruption, the crushing cost of health insurance that I don't use and doesn't cover anything anyway, and the continued utter failure to lift my head enough to hang out with my friends or take my children anywhere. Evil Genius didn't want to go with her Indian Princess tribe to Camp Rockmont so no whitewater rafting with her tribe this month. Ella's tribe had a beach trip to Surf City, but not many other dads could make it and it was just too hot for me. So depressing.

Now that September is here I do actually have something to look forward to. High temperatures are going to be in the 70's again! That's actually comfortable, and not only at 3 am. And I have events! Here's what's coming up

Sept 10: RAM team summer party
Sept 11: Oak City Mile 1 mile race
Sept 23: Wilmington NC trip for college buddy's 40th birthday (maybe)
Oct 1: New River 50k trail race
Oct 8: last swim race of the season at Jordan Lake 1.2 miles
Oct 29: Triple Lakes trail marathon
Nov 6: City of Oaks marathon

So that is a lot to look forward to.

12 in 8 update
Well I did get registered for one more Fall marathon, the Triple Lakes Trail race. It's in Greensboro, so no hotel room and it was only a $50 registration. Looks like that will be the last one to add for the fall. The MD marathon on Nov 26 is likely not going to happen for me. Trying not to schedule anything for December thanks to the holidays, so it's going to be a busy spring if I'm going to pull this off.

Triple lakes, though. Come run some trails with me.

Topless Year
I really didn't think it was going to happen this month.
Inside the office parking garage on 8/5. It's a 6 minute commute, I was drenched in sweat by the time I got home.

I put the top down driving home from church on 8/17. Night time was the best time to avoid the heat.

Leaving the gym 8/18 was actually pleasant. The humidity broke for a day, but it was still hot.

It was so pleasant without that humidity, Ella and I drove around downtown for a bit.
Onward and upward! College football starts tonight, we've got the labor day weekend coming up, and fall is in the air. It's about time!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I usually love August but this year I gave it the middle finger. I was so sick for the ENTIRE month. I'ms still sick but I'm trying to believe there's a light at the end of the tunnel for this death virus respiratory illness I'm rocking. The weather was actually pretty decent here but I did not get to enjoy it since I felt like *ss for the whole month. I did zero workouts because the one time I went to the gym, 5 minutes on the elliptical resulted in a coughing fit that garnered lots of not-so-nice looks from other people. So I left. here's hoping my lungs heal soon so I can get back to working out. Miraculously, I've lost weight even though i've done nothing. But it's probably muscle leaving my body.

But here's to fall and better times.

Abby said...

I too have been loving the weather the hurricane brought through. 75 on my walks the past 3 mornings, supposed to be back up in the 90s by tomorrow. Boo!

So glad you are loving your new job and that it is allowing your more swim team time.