Friday, July 1, 2016

Half the year is GONE

2016 is really flying by. I'm kind of glad, it's been a really rough year overall, which makes days like my last post really special. We learn to roll with the punches and appreciate the days we don't get punched. June was a real motherfucker in particular. With all of the new job stress on top of this heat wave I'm not mad to see July.

Swim: 30,000 yards, 11 swims, 1 race
Bike: 14 miles, all in the 1 race
Run: 66.1 miles, 11 runs, 1 race
Strength: 9 times
Yoga: 4 times

Ha! the only bike ride for the month (and probably the last ride for the year) was during my last triathlon. I have to admit it feels REALLY good to be at that 30k barrier in swimming. Didn't expect to hit that nice round number so exactly, but whatever. it's pretty cool.

In the month of June, I stopped Project 225 where I was weightlifting as a priority, and transitioned back onto a marathon training plan. Project 225 was great, and a lot of fun. But ultimately it did not do what I wanted it to do for my body. Marathon training only giving me 66 miles is pretty pitiful, but the plan didn't start until the month was a third over. So that's about right. And the beginning of a training plan doesn't have really long runs anyway; I only had 1 run of 10 miles.

So this was truly a month of transition. Even spring gave way to summer on the calendar.

Other June Stuff:
The kids have been out of school all month, and they have been having a blast. Ella's not nervous about starting middle school, but I bet she's in for a nice transition.
Ella wore that cape everywhere. People loved it.

EG was nervous about being in the angry birds slingshot
The final construction step for this bathroom finally came in. The shower doors were installed. Only took about 5 weeks (they said 2) for it to get ordered, built, and installed.
I didn't write up a Fathers day post, but we did have a lot of fun for Fathers day. I'm very grateful for my family even if I can't always express it properly. It was nice to get some of that love back to me.

That's a happy family
We finished off the month last weekend with a family hike in Umstead state park. It was my first time back to the park since the Umstead 100 and I don't think I stopped smiling the entire time we were there. The day was kind of hot, but not as bad as most of the rest of the month. Mostly it was fantastic just to get the kids active and in the woods!

Taking down some single track

Why did EG have to sit in my lap? adorable but hot
Finally, I did get some decent time riding around with the top down in the car. Topless June was really too hot to drive most days, a black interior was a bad idea. But there are these:

6/6, why so cloudy?

6/18, I kept it short

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Abby said...

How is the year half gone. It seems like it just started!