Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Halloween 2015!

yea, so I'm about half a month late on these. But it's been kind of a crazy month. Now that the kids are in 5th and 3rd grades, we're nearing the end of the trick-or-treating era. Ella got invited to go out with a friend for her birthday so now that whole pre-teen thing is starting. and that's terrifying.

First up we had the Trunk or Treat at the church, and that was a blast. Getting candy out of trunks is always safe, right?

on our way to the church!

Parking lot full of Candy

We also had a fun night of pumpkin carving over at Kelley's Dad's house. He had 6 pumpkins to carve, and we ended up getting 4 more at our house.

Everyone loves to make a mess in the garage


It's not easy to get a picture of lit pumpkins at night
Finally the big day was here. Got pictures of both of their costumes before they went out on separate paths.

Captain Jack Sparrow, at your service

Cinderella, ready for the ball
The haul was a little light this year, but there was still enough candy for us to claim a decent parent tax. Hey, I gave you life, you give me Reece's. that's the way it works.

Every good Halloween ends by cuddling with Daddy
This was another fun time for all. Kelley's mom was up staying with us, so she ended up walking with Evil Genius up to too many houses. We ended up with a nice night in Raleigh to be out and about. Everyone had fun!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

The girls look great in their costume! And I think the exchange of life for Reese's is more than fair! ;) Phil had a lot of leftover candy so I am glad that I gave up sweets starting on November 1st - otherwise I would have had more than my fair share of PB cups.

Abby said...

We had way less treaters this year and so our haul was HUGE left with extra bags upon bags.

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

It looks like you guys had a great time! I had a friend's birthday party to go to on Saturday, so I did not get home until late and I had NO trick or treaters! Which means I have a huge bowl of candy left over! I am trying not to eat it and have been good so far, but I will probably have to take it to work so that I am not tempted!