Monday, July 6, 2015

And now... this

What happened to June?

Swim: 51,050 yards, 15 swims, 3400 avg
Bike: 25 miles, 2 rides
Run: 40 miles, 6 runs
Strength: 3 times
Yoga: 14 times

woah that's a lot of time in the pool. Good thing I love it! Another 50k+ month of total insanity. Hard to believe there's only 3 more months of this wild swim volume. 40 miles of running is pitiful, that has to increase. I am also getting in some long runs every weekend now, it's just the midweek stuff that isn't happening. but the pool is where it's at.

Also in June we had Ella's birthday, a wonderful trip to Greenville, and we started building a storage shed on the side of the house. Pictures or separate posts are coming for those. But the point is that it was a busy and very strange month. I lost about 2 weeks where I did nothing but swim and work on the shed. This thing is wild huge and taking a bunch of time. And during that time, the heat was getting up to around 106* every day. I'm sick of it, and ready for that shed to be done.

Here's some of the highlights from June:

Working the pirate pinata

Making a wish!

I'm so proud of Ella. She turned 10 years old and wanted a pirate theme party. It's hard to believe that she is actually that age now, still seems like my little baby girl. She has her own friends now and a well developed social ability (just like Dad).

Walk the Plank was one of the pirate games we setup

argh, me and my pirate matey
Right around the same time as her birthday, we went to Greenville for Fathers day, to visit my folks, and have a birthday celebrations for Ella and myself.

the birthday people

Kids enjoying the pool

On Fathers day, I was so grateful to be their dad.
More from June still to come.... How was your month?


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Wow, June was a blur for you. That is a lot of swimming - way to go! I can understand why that has to be a big focus for you right now with that 12 mile race coming up! And wow, it's been hot! June was actually pretty mild for us and I am hoping that weather sticks around as it's much easier to run when it's not 90+ and humid.

June was a weird month for me. I've got some changes coming at work (I'm leaving my current role to join the company where a former boss works but the whole process has been stressful and drug out - for example, I resigned last Monday but I still don't know when my last day is as they might make me work for 30 days but they don't want me to tell anyone I am leaving during that time. It's so messed up). Besides that, I didn't run as much as I normally do as my foot was bothering me so I took it easy. So all in all the month felt sort of 'meh'. I'm hoping July is better but it's not off to a great start due to this work drama/stress.

Abby said...

That pool time is why I saw that crazy Alcatraz swim and thought of you. You had a busy month!