Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Evil Princess

Our little Evil Genius turned 8 last week. In the last year, she has really grown into her own person. Yes she's still the picky eater and strong personality. But now she's discovered what she really does like, and not just developed a list of things she doesn't like (that's evil). Turns out, Frozen and Elsa are at the top of that list. So for her birthday party we told her she could have a few friends over to spend the night, and we found an Elsa to come over for a while!

She read them a story

brought a craft for the kids

Painted their faces

She also painted their fingernails

then stuck around for cupcakes and ice cream

What a fun Elsa!
The birthday party happened to be the night before I had to get up at 3:45 AM for Ironman Raleigh. Talk about a scheduling conflict.  We also had pizza and got to watch movies, and everyone had a really fun time.

Some of this

led directly to this

But there was a lot more of this

and everyone had a good time.

Kelley and I are both so proud of the girl our EG is growing into. Smart, funny, and passionate are the kinds of things that make us worry about this one, and make us happy.


Amber said...

What a fun idea for a birthday party! I bet the girls loved it!

I love how you're all casual "it was the night before I had to get up for an Ironman"... haha. Just an ironman. No big deal, right?! ;)

Abby said...

How fun that Elsa showed up!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

What a fun birthday! That is awesome that Elsa was there! I bet they all loved that! I do think you are going to have your hands full with this one, though - she's definitely got some spunk!! ;)

Oh man, I can't imagine having all those kids in my house and then getting up at 3:45 the next morning for the IM! You are a good dad to balance it all!

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