Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Recovery Wordless Wednesday

My mom made the awesome Frozen costumes! I picked them up while Ella and I were at Rockmont, and as soon as we got back from camp they both threw them on and went nuts.  Halloween is done this year.

Evil Genius's Indian Princess tribe kicked off their program year the same night Ella and I got back from Rockmont. It was at a really cool store called Science Safari where the kids got to hold some of the animals.  Here is the rest of the tribe playing with a Ball Python.  EG, of course, was terrified of the entire setup they had and refused to enter the same room as the animals. Ha! It was still great to see everyone. The girls all seem bigger this year, they really grew over the summer!

And this is a Carribean Red Hot Pepper, the first one coming off of the bush. It is the second hottest pepper in the world to only the Ghost pepper, and I have to admit I thought it would be hotter. Still pretty good, but I didn't cry.

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Abby said...

Those are awesome costumes.