Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Four Christmases: NC Edition

Monday we made it back to Raleigh in time to meet up with our friends Jenny and Gary, and another couple for some Cards Against Humanity and cold beers. Turned out to be a pretty amazing night! That is a fun game - if you haven't played it, leave your dignity at the door pour a cold one and hang on for dear sanity.

Tuesday was Christmas Eve, so Kelley's dad took the kids down to his hometown of Biscoe NC before the big Christmas Family celebration there. Kelley and I got some last minute stuff done before we headed down to Cousin Diane's house to meetup with everybody else.

Kelley's dad and sister, Meri

Me and my darling Christmas Eve
We didn't get too many pictures from Biscoe this year, but it sure was a good time. We got there early and got to greet everyone else. The kids in the family are now college graduates, and there's plenty of other babies running around. There was an especially large crowd this year which was wonderful.

Around 11 pm we made it back home and the kids didn't fall asleep until about 1 am. That was totally insane. But it did make that next morning's 7:45 wake up call "extra special".

Everybody got new PJ's, mine looks like a santa suit

Somebody saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus

The Haul that Santa left for the kids this year
Every Christmas Eve we all open one present early, a new pair of pajamas. This year everyone wanted pj's with the feet built in, and Kelley surprised me by finding a Daddy sized pair that looks like a Santa suit! Too funny. We had a good time with that.  Then bright and early (ok, waaaaay too early) the kids were up and going nuts when they saw what Santa had left for them.

They were both a little overwhelmed, which is kind of the point

Bigun loved this archery set, she's having fun with it so far

Evil Genius now sleeps with the Sprout Star stuffie every night, and carries it around everywhere.

The thing they both asked for was a zoomer, so they have to share one
The Horse Masks
I have to make special mention of these masks that they got, one is a horse and the other is a unicorn.  I can't explain why, but these things absolutely crack me up! So. Freaking. Funny!!! We have had a blast with these masks. I'll wear one while riding around town, or just playing games around the house. It's always funny. EG really wanted one, then was scared to put it on. but eventually she got over that, now it's adorable.

Santa with a unicorn head is terrifying

Even Kelley showed her goofy side a little bit

Mickey had no idea I was about to scare the shit out of him

until he turned around. Then after the heart attack stopped he got a good laugh

Kelley's mom got in on the action

Niece Kaileigh was ready for anything

I don't know why the horse head makes the fists funnier

Bigun was up for an epic battle! (this may be my favorite pic of the entire holiday)

I got a few good licks in

She fought back valiantly

Ultimately she took me down

I tried to resist

But her victory was not to be denied!!
All the Family came here
Mickey and Eleanor came over for breakfast, then came back later once Meri and Kaileigh got here. Neena and Gene came up Christmas Eve so they could be here for the big day. This was the first time we've been up on Christmas Day without having to run back to SC for something. We did all of the SC stuff earlier in the week, and everyone else came to Raleigh this time. It was pretty epic.

Neena and Eleanor overseeing EG

Mickey got laptops for both of the kids - amazing!

A clean picture of Eleanor

Mickey opening a laptop

Eleanor is silly and happy, so's Mickey

We got Mickey a Buddha Board, you draw on it with water and when it evaporates, the picture is gone. Very zen, he loves it.

So many people, so many presents, so many blessings!

Even Numma and Blankie got presents
EG loves Sonic the Hedgehog, she got a Wii game and mask

Bigun got a copy of Mario Kart, and has not stopped playing it

My mini-me. Recliner, laptop, canoli, she really is exactly like me in every way. it's natural, but freaky.
The rest of the vacation
After Christmas Day, everything calmed down. I still had another entire week of vacation. Everyone else went home, we spent plenty of time together as a family settling into the new toys and games, and just hanging out having fun. 

I finally got my Ironman tattoo updated with Beach 2 Battleship stuff, we got to see some friends including one who was in town from Dallas. I got in a 17 mile long run in some new running shoes and wore an incredible blister on my foot. We ate out every night, drank lots of beer (well, I did), and just had a good ole' time. Today is all football, and tomorrow I go back into the office broke, fat, and hungover, so you know I did vacation right.  Happy new year's!

Starting the outline

The bloody finished product - added the swim bike run icons and the battleship logo

Hanging with Andrea, with Kayte and her family as well

Giant heart shaped blister, like the new shoes show love through pain.


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Ha, those masks are funny! Looks like a wonderful Christmas. I love the footie pajamas. I feel like I am prone to static electricity so feel like those would set it into overdrive, but they do look cozy!

Ouch - that blister looks painful!!

Lisa Isenberger said...

We still do one pair pj's on Christmas eve and my kids are in their early 20s

Alisa said...

Wow, look at all those presents for the kids. The Dunlap house looks similar at the holidays.

I really like the tattoo additions. The IM tat isn't in my future but I love seeing how other people customize theirs.

Christmas in PJs is the only way to do christmas as far as I'm concerned.

Tea said...

Awe.some. especially the horse and unicorn masks. :)

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

Looks like you had a great Christmas! I saw your horse head pics on FB and was cracking up! They look like a lot of fun!

Dana said...

LOVE the Pj's.