Thursday, March 14, 2013

WDW in Pictures

Last week Kelley and the kids were in Walt Disney World in Florida.  They had a wonderful time, and the story is best told in pictures.  I stayed in Raleigh to work, and Kelley's mom went down with them.

First day in the gardens

Cinderella's Castle!

With the mouse man!

Robinson Crusoe?

Goofy was always my favorite



Evil Genius is doing "the thinker pose" with Tigger.  It became a recurring theme

Buzz Lightyear is seriously EG's favorite.  But she calls him Buzz Likeyear

wait wait wait mommy!  I have to get into my pose first

Hanging with Neena in San Fransisco

aaaaand back to the thinker pose

Inappropriately grabbing Donald's crotch

and back to the Thinker Pose

Gaston's Tavern!  Beauty and the Beast was one of my favorites

The Sword in the Stone

Teana is one of Bigun's favorites

EG wants to grow her hair as long as Rapunzel's.  But she just calls her Tangled.

They had breakfast in Cinderella's castle in Cinderella and Snow White costumes that my mom made!  How cool was that?

Cinderella, Cinderealla, and Ella!

Cinderella, Snow White, and Snow White



I thought Kelley was going to puke on the teacups

Ran into Buzz again, while EG was wearing the LGM hat.  Too cute!

They got to be in a play of beauty and the beast with the characters.  Bigun here is playing Maurice shivering in the basement

And EG got to play the Beast because she had the best roar!
This was one of those trips that we hope to be able to do again.  They drove down there and back, and the kids were actually behaved in the car for that long.  I can't believe it. Amazing!


Colleen said...

Looks like some amazing memories were made! :)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Looks like they had fun! I love that they wore their princess dresses - those are some great pictures! I was in Orlando last week, too, but I was there for a money market conference. Woo hoo. Exciting times....

Kenley said...

It's a small world after all! Great memories and pics!

Al's CL Reviews said...

Very cute!