Monday, December 24, 2012

Holiday Party Time!

FS Series had their holiday party thursday night and it was fabulous.  I end up running a lot of their races every year, it's local and by far my favorite production company.  So the holiday party was a great chance to hang out with the owners and lots of other friends and people I see at the races.  Part of it was odd to see these people not wearing spandex.  They dress up pretty good!

They also announced the TOA Triathlon series winners.  You know I'm a sucker for a series.  They had overall male and female top three, then instead of full age groups they did male and female 40 and over, and 39 and under.  You have to complete 5 of the 13 races listed to complete the series.  You get points for every series race you complete based on overall results of each race.  Some of the races are held on the same day, like a sprint and olympic distance for the same event when both are in the series.  This year there were 9 males in the 1-39 class that completed at least 5 races.  My buddy Scottie finished 3 and came in 24th place.  My buddy Brian got high scores in 2 races and still finished in 45th place.  I did two races in the series and finished in 77th place.  So obviously the key to a top 10 finish is actually completing 5 races.  There was 575 people listed in this age group.

I have to keep telling myself that next year I need to race less.  Sprint triathlons cut into the long stuff I should be doing that day instead, and the main target is a fast full Iron at Beach 2 Battleship.  So this FS series should wait.  Well, there is a 70.3 in the series.  And there is a few oly's in there, those are always fun.  So really you never know what's going to happen.   My plan is to run the series in the off-ironman year 2014.  if not sooner.  maybe.

So the party was fantastic.  They had a really great spread of food and an open bar.  It's actually the only Christmas party we're going to this year, my office doesn't have one here.  I got to brag some about the ultramarathon, which to a bunch of fellow triathletes is still pretty impressive.  Really it made me miss regular training.  I'm carrying some extra fluff around the midsection right now since I've only worked out maybe twice since the ultra. I asked Scottie how he was feeling these days since he was fighing a huge knee problem most of the year, and he answered "plump".  So really it felt great just to be among my own kind again.

Plus we racked up!  Kelley won a raffle prize of a Zoot transition towel that's the size of a beach towel.  Really cool.  Plus we got a couple of shaker bottles, two huge jugs of Heed, handfuls of hammer gel's and some other cool gear.  Merry Christmas to me!


Jess Milcetich said...

Sounds like a really fun party! I wish our local running group would throw a holiday party. They put on some awesome races and I bet a holiday party would be a blast!

Katie said...

Just stopping by to say Merry Christmas!

Karen said...

Fun times! Love the triathlon take home SWAG :) Hope you have a great new year!

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

Happy New Year!!! All the best in 2013!

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

Yeah I am feeling the plumpness as well! Its the damn cookies!