Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Jolly Elf Pics!

Saturday Kelley had to stay home with the kids while I went out for the Jolly Elf 5k trail run where I crushed a PR.  So we had no pics, but today I got an email with the official race photos.  I never even saw the photographers out there so I didn't expect anything.  Feel free to critique my form.

This was at the end of lap 1 right before the first mile marker.  We ran along this ridge at the top of a hill above the field where the start/finish line was.  I crushed the first mile in 6:31, so I was feeling really good here, and looking at the clock on the field below which is why I didn't see the camera man.

On the field coming into the finish.  I like the one legged pirate look, but I think my left arm is coming too far across my body, and that's pulling my left foot too far into the center line.  Also kind of looks like my right foot is coming down too far in front of the center of gravity.  

There, that's more like it.  Only my right ankle seems kind of twisted.

Any way you look at it, I'll take a 21:58 5k and a PR anytime I can get it.  Great race!  

Big congratulations to Coach Marty Gaal and wife Bri on the birth of their son yesterday!  Marty still ran a 20:22 at the Jolly Elf, then Bri went into labor yesterday.  Maybe now that Marty is going to be sleep deprived I might actually have a chance at beating him this year.  Maybe he'll turn out to be human after all.

Also today I'm a guest writer over at Healthy Ashley!  I wrote a good post for her about planning out your 2012 season.  Give it a quick read.


Hugh Jass said...

You really have a big stride in that second picture!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Nice pics! I've gotta say, you look especially thin and young in these photos!

Alisa said...

Lookin good!!!!!