Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cute Kid Pics

We've got Aunt Johnnie's funeral today, so I need to post something bright to cheer myself up.  Enter cute pics of the kids:

Evil Genius with her BFF Tristan

The girls made bead necklaces at Bigun's Indian Princess tribe meeting last night, so of course EG had to get one of her own.

Bigun insisted on being entirely covered in leaves after they were raked into a big pile.

That face!  Who couldn't fall in love with that face!

Mommy enjoyed laying in the leaf pile checking out the clouds too.

Monday night I ran fast for the first time since Ironman.  I thought three weeks would be enough recovery, I might have been wrong.  I ran 5 miles in 36:06 for a 7:13 pace.  That included a warm up half a mile of walking and slow jog, most of it was under 7 minutes.  Yesterday and today are both rest days because my lungs feel like they are on fire.  I have a band of soreness just below the man-boobs that encircles the body.  I'm not sure how running fast made my back muscles sore, but I must have done something different.  Breathing feels almost as labored as it did the day after Ironman, which is the strangest, most unexpected soreness yet.  I'll try and get to the pool tomorrow then get an easy run in friday before resuming regular marathon training.

I ran some numbers through the McMillan pace calculator, and it turns out I was in pretty good shape for most of my pacing.  My long runs and easy runs were right on target with an 8:00 pace, but my tempo runs were too slow and my speedwork intervals were too fast.  It feels good to have some algorithmic backing behind making the pace adjustments.  There are plenty of 5k's going on here in December, I'm having a tough time picking one.  I still think a sub-20 minute 5k is going to come in January, but who knows.  Might happen sooner.

Have a great hump day!


Diana said...

God Bless Aunt Johnnie.....

I've been doing lots of 5k's lately, I have one this Friday night under Christmas lights and then a Santa run on Sunday morning! These are great to get back into the swing of things after injury!

Hugh Jass said...

I need to rake up a pile of leaves. It would the kids busy for a while.

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

Hahaha I didn't even see Bigun in that picture with Kelley in the leaves at first!!! Too funny!

Bigun looks TALL! Has she gone through a growth spurt recently?!

5K's are tough. I've only done one and I remember thinking well running it all-out "I think this is harder than the marathon!" ha!

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

Those pics are great! I really like the one of the leaf pile!

I did a turkey trot 5k and it was so fun! I like being able to really give it all I've got, if you know what I mean, instead of always having to pace myself.

Jess said...

Very cute pics indeed!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Love the pictures! You really do have a beautiful family. The girls are just adorable!!

And I agree with Amber- Bigun looks really tall!!!

Colleen said...

Great pictures John!