Sunday, August 1, 2010

July? What July?

July was a wild month. I had my 35th birthday, got my first tattoo, finally got into the Triangle Sprint Triathlon, and hit 2 miles of swimming for the first time. The specs:

Swim: 5.7 miles total, 5 swims
Bike: 208.5 miles, 9 rides
Run: 27.8 miles, 6 runs
Strength: 1 hour, 4 workouts
Yoga: 1 hour, 2 workouts

WHADDUP!!?!?!!? Remember June? that hot piss poor month?

Swim: 3.85 miles, 5 swims
Bike: 130 miles, 6 rides
Run: 16 miles, 4 runs
Strength: 1 hour, 3 workouts
Yoga: 30 minutes, 1 workout

Yea, let's just go ahead and double that volume for July. 5.7 miles in the pool and (and?) my first month riding over 200 miles without a century ride? You've got to be kidding me. The swimming I can understand thanks to the 2 mile target. That means I've completed all of the basic distances (separately) of an ironman. The increased bike milage is in prep for the metric century next weekend and the Patriots half in september. I'm still more concerned about the bike leg of Ironman than anything else.

I do still have to get back into the routine of doing my tri power workouts and yoga regularly. I really miss yoga these days. More running would be nice too. I need to watch my sleep more, so that I can get up earlier and hit the strength and stretch parts of this balanced workout plan with some consistency.

Foreshadowing for August: I hate august. It's the suffering we have to go through to make it into the cool bliss of autumn. Here in the deep south, August means heat and humidity. It's going to be over 90 degrees too many days (1 day is too many), and the humidity will make the air as thick as soup. I've got to stay hydrated, keep my weight/nutrition in check, and workout inside as much as possible. seriously. you can barely walk outside right now.

August will end with football. And this makes the wait worthwhile. Come on football!


joyRuN said...

You've been quietly racking up that mileage, esp on the bike.

Nicely done!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Wow, July was an awesome month for you!

I am kind of wanting to skip August as well... Our humidity isn't as bad as what you guys experience, but it's still pretty miserable. It was so hot & humid yesterday morning when I did my 15 mile run. I need a new word for 'hot mess' to describe myself at the end of the run...

Sun Runner said...

Come on football!

Wasn't how we got started reading each other's blogs in the first place because you went to...That Place Which Shall Not Be Named, that which dealt my beloved Wolverines a fatal blow (a harbinger of doom, to be sure, considering the death spiral of the past two years)?

Despite your attendance at TPWSNBN, I still think you're cool. :)



Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

Nice work on bouncing back hardcore in July! I want to do more biking but marathon training is kind of dominating my life lately!

Lisa said...

much better month. good job!

Jess said...

July's been brutal with the weather up here too. I'm hoping August flies by so we can be rewarded with nice fall temperatures.

Way too have a kickass July!

Badgergirl said...

Great month! And I agree. August will most likely be brutal weather wise, but knowing football kicks off at the end of the month makes it bearable :)

Retta said...

Woohoo that July was a better month! Seriously, almost died when I read the poop story about Evil G. :)

Alisa said...

Nice! Great month.

I heart August, it's usually the best weather month in the PacNW---come visit!!!!!!

Fair Weather Runner said...

august is evil. very evil... the hell we go through to get to autumn indeed. nice tat, congrats on the deuce and turning 35! (yeah i've been behind on blogs).

Colleen said...

Wow - you did awesome in July! It was a big month. Hope that August hasn't been too bad! I'm ready for the fall...