Friday, September 4, 2009

Coasting thru friday

This morning I had to release some new software and it went quite well. That means I'm coasting through to a long weekend. Ah the glory. Bask in it. Lurve it.

Tomorrow we are having a garage sale to try and pay down the $590 emergency room bill from my post marathon. Turns out the new health insurance plan from the office sucks. I got excited thinking the $150 hospital bill was all I would have to pay.... until this one came in for uncovered services by my insurance. A funny side note: You know you are sick in a poor state when the $150 hospital bill comes with a note that they have already setup a $25 a month payment plan for you. The hospital here would only demand payment in full with a donated pint of blood.

So garage sale tomorrow. Lots of cleaning up the front yard and organizing. We're trying to really get rid of as much old crap as possible. That means the boxes of "I'm too fat for this" and "I wore this when I was really fat" clothes are all going. The good news is that I tried on some pants from college yesterday and they FIT! I cant' believe it. First, the last time I wore those I was 50 lbs lighter than I am now (I had no muscle in college, grad at 145 lbs); and second I still make those old clothes look good! still, most of them are going into the garage sale. Kelley's also now threatening to turn my office into a thrift store. Baby clothes, old clothes, new clothes, thin clothes, and fat clothes are all going out the door never too return. Plus tons of other crap that we hope to turn into cash. We have good crap though.

Kelley also threatens to do her spring cleaning with a blowtorch. Our 2800 sq ft house is slammed full like we are fucking pack rats, and she wants to abandon everything and buy new stuff in Raleigh when we move. I am looking forward to lightening the load some, but not to that extreme.

Football started last night!!!!!! YEA BABY!!!!! USC vs NCSU was a great game between sub-par teams. I caught some of the first half while dealing with family, and most of the second half while at the gym. I was supposed to get a 5 mile tempo run in, but I was watching football. Looked down at the treadmill when they cut to commercial and it said 5.8 miles. Ooooops. I ran it out to 6 even before they came back from commercial and called it. Good tempo run, after a warm up, I set the speed at 6.4 (slower than normal tempo runs) and went for it.

I also doubled up yesterday. Did yoga before work, and the tri power workout over the workday as usual. but I also got a half hour on the bike trainer before lunch, making it the first time working in a 2-a-day workout. i Love it! Bike in the morning, run or swim at night, I'm going to have to do more of that.

Now for the bad part. This morning I could barely stand up thanks to this hip pain. The hip actually feels better while and after cycling. But it was the run that did it. Today there's also sort of a dull discomfort on the outside of my knee, so I think Wes was right. Seems like ITB pain. I'm just going to have to bend over and take it like Glaven does. I think I'm going to find an ART chiropractor here and see if that will help. Plus work the balanced muscles (adductor and abbductor leg muscles) and get back on track with regular yoga & ITB specific stretches. And skip this weekends long run. RICE anyone? I'm typing this with an ice pack on my hip.

I'm still going to try and get in a bike ride this weekend and maybe a swim if the garage sale doesn't take too long saturday.

Finally, we ended up in a magazine found yesterday! Go Magazine, the sponsor of the 5k & kids race published a pic of me holding Bigun in the september issue, and they had 2 pics of just Bigun online. I have stolen them and put them below for your viewing pleasure.


Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

how cool to have pics published in a magazine!!

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Hey, yeah, well, know what? I just stopped running for the past couple of days, went right back to the exercises my PTs gave me for my left knee and did them for my right, and the pain I felt a mere two days ago has already lessened by a good ... O, I'd say ... 75%.

So good luck dealing with the hip pain. Go ahead and get that Active Release Therapy - be sure your chiro is male, because then it'll sound even MORE gay, "active release" being vaguely suggestive of "happy ending" therapy.

FWIW, I think Dr. Nic does both, so get in touch (so to speak) with him. I think you two were meant for each other in the sense that if he started giving you Happy Active Release Ending rubdowns, it would be a gold mine for my blog in terms of Post Topics.

Not that i'm judging you for being latently gay.

Why would I? There's so much more to judge you over.

Good luck raising funds for your hospital stay.

And the college pants "fit" in what sense? I bet you have them slung as low as they'll go and you still have to suck yer gut in to make the waistband connect in the middle.

That's bound to be a turn on for Dr. Nic. He's probably "actively releasing" himself as he contemplates it.

Wes said...

Congrats on the successful release! I hope you have a good stress free weekend!

Ashley said...

Great pics!! I esp love the one of her running - she looks so excited! :)

Good luck with the garage sale - they are a lot of work, but can bring in some good money.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Ooo, it is fun to fit into old clothes. I am wearing some size 6 jeans from 3 years ago. Such a good feeling!

Good luck w/ the hip issues. Not fun. Injuries blow.

Anonymous said...

i LOVE yard sales! Unfortunately, it's a bit far for me to drive to buy your old fat clothes.

And now I can almost see why you were hoping for Glaven's "untimely demise"...what with him calling you gay and all.

TinaGirl said...

My problem is that I love all my stuff too much. My little 1200 Sqft house is filled to the max. Do I really need 6 bookshelves filled to the max and overflowing (not counting the nightstands or the books that line the floors?) ummm. yes I do. I am thinking of taking advantage of Craigs list to start culling stuff but not all at once so its not so much of a shock.

Amanda said...

Congrats on the software release and long weekend. Good luck with that garage sale, I know the feeling of "Ugh, just want to get rid of everything and start over!"
Great great pics of ya'll in the magazine. I mean, how could they not put Bigun's pics in there, she's freaking adorable!

joyRuN said...

Bigun's famous! Verrrry cool.

Havs said...

Nice pics John, great to be famous hey!

I was trying to talk my wife into a rummage sale, get some extra cash for cool bike/run gear, but she won't buy it. Says it takes too much time and not enough return. I might do one myself in the spring, and buy the kids something cool!!

Jess said...

Hope the garage sale went well today and you can pay off that hospital bill!

Very cool pics to be published!

Missy said...

OH what great pictures! Way too cute.

Take care of yourself, we've got some training to do!!! You have a great base this year, no worries.

Adorable Girlfriend said...

Hope the sale was a success!

Love the photos. The magazine knew what it was doing.

healthy ashley said...

love 2-a-day workouts! Your workouts consider to inspire me. And isn't it the best to start with yoga?

Best of luck with the garage sale! The hospital bill must stink! I hope this sale frees you from it!

Enjoy your weekend!

Alisa said...

I love that picture! Such a proud Dad!

Two a days are great. Especially biking and something else. Biking is a great workout but it doesn't kill the muscles (at least for me) as much as running does.

OhMyLaughter said...

Isn't college football the greatest thing EVER for long runs on the treadmill? :)