Thursday, January 7, 2021

Holiday Wrapup

 This Christmas was totally 2020. The kids had a good time, all of our travel was gone, none of the big family celebrations happened. I did make it down to Greenville for one day just to spend a few hours with my parents - it was the first time I'd seen them since last Christmas. We got our tree on a day trip to Boone, it was really pretty. 

too cute not to share, but this was not how our holiday went down

The farm where we got our tree

ready for some presents

We had a fun time in Boone on a day trip

We all had on our App State sweatshirts

The reason we've been making so many day trips to Boone recently - we bought some land up there! 1.09 acres of raw dirt is now ours, paid for in cash. We closed on the 21st, and Lena and I made a trip up there just before that to check out our dirt, thinking we had clear traveling from the snow. Instead, we got this:

That's our dirt!

It was cold. She didn't think she needed a jacket when we left the house.

Cool tree on the next lot

For actual Christmas it was very different, the first Christmas day ever we didn't have to travel. We did get to pull together an outside, social distanced gathering with Kelley's sister and father. 

We had a nice setup for some outdoor Christmas

It was cold, but that blanket is fire

Taking a selfie

Telling the kids I was just taking a selfie

Then the Sunday after Christmas, I went down by myself to visit my parents. It was the first time I had seen them in person since last Christmas, which was strange and incredibly difficult. We stayed outside, but still got to have some semblance of a normal holiday gathering. 

My dad and his 3 sons

My sweet nephew Archie

and that was our holiday!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I am glad you got to see your dad even though it was different than your usual visits. Glad your weather allowed you to be outside. That is just not possible here in Mn! It’s been mild here but tough for outdoor gatherings with all the snow and such. That is awesome you bought land in Boone! I love that area of NC and I know it holds a lot of meaning for you guys since you met there (I think??).

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

Well, it looks like all things considered, you had a good holiday! I applaud you for staying outside in the cold like that! I spent Christmas on my own, but did get to see my parents socially distanced for Thanksgiving. It was fun even to take walks and to help them rake the yard; any little bit counts!